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  1. If that works don’t change it. All Dave was saying in there’s no need to overpower the club. Just don’t decelerate...
  2. Not at all. Why would I do that? I’m just noting that I don’t always tee off with a driver so the distances might vary on my approaches... 👍 Hey, an Eagle is hard enough to get...
  3. It happens...more pressure doesn’t help at this stage either. Give it time, and your swing won’t fluctuate this much. You’re young enough that you could improve over night. Just forget about the results and focus on the process. It’ll come...
  4. I carry my PW about 120-125 (range balls actually go farther), and it tends to stay within a few feet. If I hit my 56 with the ball at the back of my stance it can go up to 100 or so reliably with a light wind at my back. So, if I have a gust of wind in my face, I’ll hit a PW and will fly about 100-ish. Wind at my back, 56 goes 100 or more-ish. Of course, my PW is a 47-48 degree blade. I really try not to use partial shots unless I’m inside 100 yards? It’s not like at my skill level I can control an 8i to go 100 yards then 120 yards on command when it’s my 145 carry club with a full swing? Too far to try something like that. That said...on 5800-6300 yard courses, I end up 100 yards only about 1-2 times a round at most, playing any of the 8 to 10 courses I frequent. I’m very often between 125 and 170 if I can use my driver, and sometimes near the green on short holes. PW to 6i work really well most of the time. Wind at my back or front is one or two clubs up or down. Obviously, teeing off with 3W or hybrid adds 20 or 40 yards to the approach. So, 3i sometimes, and as rarely as my 56. I’d recommend this more simple strategy for people like us. An up and down from 10 to 20 yards isn’t too bad as long as you’re not in deep trouble. The other thing might be to get more wedges.
  5. I answered 1-3 based, but should clarify that it’s only what I consider good based upon my skill. Better players would likely not think that if they had hit the same shot. So, if I tee off with a 3W between 220 and 245 yards, I’m quite happy if it lands somewhat on the fairway. 😊
  6. I’m usually in that nook within the root too... If it abided by USGA rules... 👀 Back to the topic, there’s no was putting is more important than driving. How can anyone actually think that!?!*** ***Hey, this topic is obviously going to be greeted with a one sided answer on any golf forum! Might as well be controversial too 😂😂😁😂 Yeah, putting more important than driving... That saying is really funny! 😂😂😂
  7. I don’t doubt it, I’m sure there’s a way to tune the performance to increase or enhance by using the right stuff to a particular athlete at any given conditioning state... There’s certainly no shortage of experts in this field. I know growing is turning into a pretty serious science. I was designing a robotic hydroponic system that harvests and trims plants for a friend and was surprised by the detailed knowledge they had on everything from color temperatures, ambient temperatures to nutrients... Pretty much what I’ve seen...
  8. The outliers are like functioning alcoholics, they exist, but are far from normal. Plus, if someone has gobs of swing speed and only needs to relax, then it might help? In any case, yeah for 99% of us, it turns us into delusional slobs 😂
  9. Sheer luck! Mine was on a shorter 276 yard par 4 that I drove less than 8 feet from the pin. The putt was super lucky. 😁
  10. Right... But they THINK they’re hitting farther and straighter for sure 😂 Right, I’ve seen plenty of people in late afternoon rounds playing high and taking bong hits between holes. They’re not playing anything close to what they possibly could when not high. At least, basing it upon their horrible performance while high 😁 BTW, Medical Marijuana doesn’t get you as high. It just numbs pain and slows you down. I don’t think it even relaxes you the way the normal stuff does. Getting high seemed to be the factor in relaxing? At least, theoretically speaking of course 🤪🙄👀
  11. John Daly comes to mind here 😂 It’s still against federal laws, and I would think PGA would not allow its use just because of that?
  12. GIR is king if you want to score lower, in general, but you’re right that bad tee shots cost bogey players the most. That’s because they can’t generally hit anything to the green from even mild trouble. Players who hit longer have more opportunities to make up for bad shots.
  13. What I’ve found is the major issue with bogey golfers is “distance”. If you had more choices in club selections that go over 200 yards, that helps quite a bit.
  14. Unless there’s a deep lip, I try to hit out just a little thin. Works most of the time, Too fat seems to end up chunking or digging too deep where either lose a ton of distance. These FW bunkers are marked light gray in my shot zones, but ideally I would want to avoid them. If too tired, I might just hit shorter and take a longer club on the approach or just another shot.
  15. Funny that we think it’s stupid only after the fact 😂
  16. Was going to ask if this happens a lot? Pretty rare for me too. My trouble spots are being behind a tree between large roots. Short of bringing a chainsaw as a 14th club, I hate being there. Other things can be easily strategized, but a deep low hook into trees is just a complete screwup. At that point, I’m just thinking about why I did that 🤪
  17. Just wondering what does this mean? Ah, got it. Don’t force anything... sorry.
  18. Not any more, but a lot of my friends have this. It’s just overuse and a stronger swing than you possibly need. A decent swing shouldn’t be painful but it’s definitely very athletic. I pace myself to about one ball a minute, and wait until my muscles are relaxed. After doing that, I could hit as many buckets as I like. Not that I hit that many.
  19. Carry distances vary a lot as well, especially with altitude, humidity, wind and weather. Mine vary a lot depending upon strike as well. I might have as much as 40m variation in any given round. If I have anything more than a 200m forced carry, I’m pretty much laying up even though my average is 30m more than that. Non optimal strike and a puff of wind could end up easily OB or wet. Of course, a quick guesstimate of my shot zones would easily tell me if it’s stupid to try or not, plus I’ve never played a course with a forced carry over 200m that doesn’t have signs all over the place warning you not to do it 😂 BTW, the use of m if for the benefit of the OP...
  20. No I use an application called Arcos and Game Golf and both use GPS to measure. It’s just super convenient... Plus, I only mentioned that since it was a round from which you quoted the numbers Unless one uses a LM every tee shot its kind of hard to tell where it landed. Or maybe the ground was wet? 🙄 I carry my driver about 230m on average with an average total distance of 233m, but usually measure in yards. But end up using a 3W/hybrid or iron most of the time because of the courses I play. Flat Parkland style, I’d almost always tee off with a driver. IF he can hit a 2i he wouldn’t be talking about breaking 90 strategies, strange. 🧐
  21. Sample of one isn’t telling anyone anything other than you played pretty well that day. Everyone has great days, and your drives seem reasonable at 200m carry. Not sure why you mentioned carry as opposed to something easily measurable on the course like total distance? My experience has been quite the opposite, as is for all my playing partners. The better your long game, the easier to shoot under bogey. Pretty simple...
  22. Lihu

    Club Fitting

    This is pretty much a personal thing. I’m using Ping i20 fitted to my son when he was 14, and on the range use Mizuno MP32 with KBS XStiff 1 inch longer without any issues. Get fit if it’s in your budget, but it’s not a total game changer if you do or don’t.
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