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  1. If you want to improve, lessons would be the best bang for your buck. New clubs aren't going to help you if you don't know how to swing.
  2. Dude, what are you smoking? Malkin is an awesome hockey player. Easily one of the top centers in the league. Actually, I would put him as the second best center in the East behind Crosby. Staal is no slouch either. Great defensively and starting to find his way on offense.
  3. The only way to know is for you to go hit them both. 250 down the middle, why change?
  4. Except for those feed are generally crappy on a laptop let alone a big screen tv. That is assuming you are talking about justin.tv, ustream, and the like.
  5. I guess I don't see that as a significant issue. The average fan most likely not DVR'ing golf.
  6. What does his 30 handicap have to do with it? Is he less qualified to voice his opinion than you because you have a better handicap? Viewership IS important. The Tour doesn't need to worry about the core because they will always be there. They need to worry about the casual fan. And there is something wrong with only "players"(whatever that is) watching. The casual fans are needed to keep healthy tv coverage.
  7. Webb should win more often because his wife is HAWT!!
  8. Of course it is a complete bust. It is a complete bust for 31 teams every single year.
  9. I usually play when the course is pretty empty. Without having to wait too many times, most of my rounds are 2 hours and 40 minutes. And that is walking.
  10. I've never heard the term tee-up money. What is tee-up money?
  11. To be fair, his fundamentals are getting better. They will continue to get better under Andy Reid. For the first time in his career/life, he is working hard at improving rather than just relying on his athletic ability. Sure, sometimes he will fall into old habits as we all do, but he is becoming a better QB.
  12. I agree. Frank-o, why are you always wanting to change the tour?
  13. Perhaps they do it because they want to. When did hitting balls on the range start not counting as practice? Why are you so worried about people spending their hard earned money the way they want to?
  14. I am willing to bet that are only a few out there that have the experiences that you have. Different type of course? You said you play on public courses and I play on public courses. How are they different? Different country yes, however I don't believe Brits are as rude and failing at etiquette as you make them out to be, while American golfers are angels. We are both playing on public courses, so we are playing in similar environments. And I doubt that British golfers have "drastically" different dispositions than American golfers. You have encountered a disproportionat
  15. Nice stats. However, they are kind of irrelevant. None of those players you listed are likely to retain their card, as only the top 80 on the money list keep their cards. Beating the bottom 20% won't get the scratch player back on the tour the next year. I also believe that there would be a too much pressure on the male scratch for them to do well making them play even worse.
  16. Maybe it is a you problem. I doubt it is a British thing and it certainly isn't a public course thing. I play public courses and go out as a single nearly every time and haven't come across these things that you are describing. Perhaps I am just way more laid back than you and don't let silly things bother me.
  17. I didn't get to see that one. My coverage ended with 2 holes left to play.
  18. He is only 19 so of course he has a bit of growing up to do. Hell, at 31 I still have growing up to do! Was it the interview in the press room which you are referring to? That is the only one I could find.
  19. Sorry, you are kidding yourself if you think your 4-5 HC friend would ever finish in the top 10 of an event on the LPGA tour.
  20. Since your crystal ball obviously reaches out several months, could you tell us who the winner of the tour championship will be so we can make some extra cash?
  21. This is complete and utter nonsense. I can certainly feel when I haven't hit the center of the face on my current set of cb's. Hell, I could tell when I didn't hit the center of my G5's!
  22. I think your terminology is mixed up. Topping the ball won't put a dummy mark on it. If it did, it would be on the bottom of the club and not visable.
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