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  1. Woohoo!! Finally got a big decrease in the handicap! After another good month of Golf I am down to 18.7 (from 19.5)! Broke 90 more times this year then I have the rest of my entire golfing life. I’m just gonna keep working at it!
  2. Shot 93 (72.2/132) for ~17 differential. 6500 yards is a lot of golf course for me or at least it used to be. Didn’t really feel the length at all though this time around. Played a new course in the Austin area with a friend. I’d give it a 4 on the Doak Scale, but plenty challenging.
  3. I miss this topic...so here is another one! Underrated or Overrated #20 - Tiger chasing Sam Snead PGA Tour wins record
  4. Ah the first hole. One of my favorite opening tee shots (probably my favorite actually) in all of Houston with some of the skyline in the background. The playing corridor looks the same for the most part, but the hole bends more left than it used to. I am glad they drained that stupid lake that seemed to never been in play unless you bombed the ball or hit a worm burner on your second shot. I like the contouring of the hole instead. Really glad they moved the green site a little more to the left, and brought the ravine into play. I don't agree with Kibbe that it will come into play on long second shots for the weekend guys...I think it will come into play more with bladed wedge shots on the third shot into greens. Ready to see more of those ravines!
  5. You and me both buddy. I can actually make really solid contact but it usually is a major push fade. I tried it once in a scramble yesterday, but no dice. I stick with the hybrid...
  6. View this round on GAME GOLF View this round on GAME GOLF Played on two separate days, and the course is under renovation so played the front nine both times. But broke 90 if I combine the rounds so thats nice! Handicap is trending down again...
  7. No major change as far as I am concerned. Played behind a slow group yesterday....they were just slow..not matter what they did with the pin.
  8. This thread has been done a few times now I believe. In short, the strategies to breaking every scoring barrier are pretty much the same. 1) Technical strategy is always the same...learn to hit the ball better, hit better pitch shots, and be a better putter. This involves time and technical changes. 2) Course management strategy is the same...advance the ball as far as you can safely. This usually means thinking driver first and adjusting down as necessary. 3) Understand your shot zones. If your miss with driver is 100 yards wide left to right, then dont be hitting driver when you only got 60 yards between water hazard left and OB right (as an example). 4) Don’t go for pins unless you are really close to the green. Aim for safest and fattest part of green from anything at least 100 yards out. Maybe even shorter if your trying to break 90. 5) Develop a trouble shot. For someone wanting to break 90 maybe it will be a simple 5 iron punch that just helps you advance the ball. 6) Read LSW. The biggest thing you can do is improve your swing, but these other strategies can assist in your goal. I have broken 90 more times this year than I ever have before and this is what I implemented this year along with lessons.
  9. I don't see why you had to bring my condition into this! 😜
  10. I think I have enjoyed almost every pairing I have had. I have had at least kind people if we didn't really click. The only experience with a pairing that I have had that could be classified as rude was a group of Guys I got paired with at Windrose Golf Course last year. I was a single and the starter paired us up. I said hello (they said nothing just nodded), and then as I walked up to the tee box they just drove off without playing the first hole lol! They wanted no part of being paired with someone I guess. I caught them a hole or two later and they just waved me through. It was strange.
  11. Stay safe bud. I know Harvey did a number on us here in Houston a few years ago....there are still people who haven’t recovered! We lost a few golf courses on the east side as well. Hurricanes are nothing to be messed with that’s for sure.
  12. Tom Doak! This looks like an exciting hole for sure. A lot of people are going to enjoy watching it in the tournament, but I am looking forward to playing this hole. I am sure I will lay up more often than not, but in the right wind after a good drive...I may be tempted. This par 5 was pretty dull before and I only looked forward to it in the round because I usually made Par. That will be much harder to do now! I wondered what he would do with #18 here. I was thinking maybe a centerline bunker because the corridor was so wide, but looks like a fairway ridge instead. This is the second green I have seen on the back nine that runs way from the golfer. The shaved edges will repel those golf shots for sure, and make up and downs interesting.
  13. Rory. Tee to green he is good enough he just needs the putter to be hot on the right week.
  14. 1,200,000. Pulled that one out of my rear.
  15. Yeah this was done in last years thread about the changes to the fed ex cup. My position remains the same. I think this format is fine for determining the Fedex cup champion, however, counting the Tour Championship as an official tour win is ridiculous IMO. To be honest, I would be happy to go back to the prior format or change the points reset to if anyone in the top 10 wins they win the cup. Oh well...this is the format and it will be interesting to see how it plays out.
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