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  1. Depends on how good your normal course is! My home course is like 11 minutes door to door, but I will travel anywhere in Houston to play a course I haven't played before. 30-45 minutes is the longest drive I make for any courses in my normal rotation. And that's really just traffic related.
  2. Yeah looks like a lot of agreement here. I say 2-3 wins worldwide and no majors but he does contend in at least two.
  3. Forest Dunes. I think the combination of the Forest Dunes course and the Reversible course (The Loop) by Doak is higher quality golf architecture than the combination at Arcadia. If you don’t care as much about strategic golf and just want great views/Scenery the Bluffs course at Arcadia is your best bet. The south course at Arcadia has mixed reviews but is interesting concept. I would prefer the courses at Forest Dunes though.
  4. Check out the book. The Summer destinations book covers your course and area and it’s a great book. Your very close with your rating is all I will say...
  5. Riverdale was actually the first course that Doak was in charge of green shaping for Dye...or so Doak says. Its on my hit list of courses to play when I visit the Denver area (wife has family on the area). yeah his impact on course architecture and architects is monumental.
  6. More like the Carl Lewis or Mike Powell of Dogs 😉
  7. Im jealous. Judging by your handicap decreases over the last year they are proving beneficial. I am doing 1-2 lessons a year right now. I know I would benefit from more often if I could make it happen...I am sure it would help my game.
  8. Well there is now. Love him or hate him he was the most influential architect of his generation. Unfortunately, a lot of his trademarks have been “cheapened” by the countless copies that had half or less of his vision.
  9. Man, not sure how I missed this topic when it was posted. Anywho-sounds like a fun challenge. With being a 18 capper I will make this a Par challenge (but will track birdies too if they happen!). My home course is a 27 hole course, so I choose my favorite Houston course that I play often as well....Memorial Park Golf Course. I have played once and made 7 pars! 11 more to go this year.
  10. Me and Colonel Bogey have had quite the competitions in our day. He is the favorite unfortunately.
  11. I assume the hole you thought this was can be found here: https://www.americanclubresort.com/golf/whistling-straits/the-straits/the-straits-hole-by-hole/no-7-shipwreck
  12. Shot 42 yesterday on the back nine of an executive course I frequent in the area. (+11). I played solid bogey golf on every hole except #13 which is my nemesis hole.
  13. Dunes Golf and Beach club, Caledonia Golf and Fish Club, Legends Resort (few different courses, but I recommend Doaks Heathland course), and Arcadian Shores is supposedly pretty good.
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