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  1. Ill focus a bit more on the course for mine: Land: To me, a truly great Course is most often on a great piece of land. For me, in order for me to see it is as "perfect" it would need to be sand based soil, micro undulations rippling throughout the course (with a few macro undulations for good measure), and some great scenery (mountains, ocean, or something) Holes: Variety is the spice of life. Total Par isn't as important to me, but I guess a fairly normal par 72 would be fine. I think the Par 4 holes are really what give any good course its backbone, and I would need everything from a Driver-Hybrid type of hole down to a really good risk reward drivable par 4. I prefer my holes to be more strategic than penal, but sometimes you have to hit a golf shot at the right time so perhaps one golf hole or so per 9 that is truly penal golf architecture. Par 3's are key to having a great course. In my perfect course I would have one that requires a hybrid or so off the tee, two mid iron type holes that favor different shot shapes, and one really good short par 3 where missing the green requires some astoundingly good short game skills to save Par. A golf course can really go wrong with its Par 5's (especially for the average Joe) so I would keep all of these holes pretty strategic. I would prefer at least one to be a three shot hole for generally everyone that would play it, and two that are reachable for the long hitters if they take on some more risk off the tee or maybe even on the second shot after a good drive. I would make one truly reachable for everyone, but make sure it does give everyone some risk to consider (Im thinking Great Hazard Template..) Greens: I am a sucker for a great set of greens. I prefer my "perfect" set of greens to be very undulating but kept at reasonable green speeds for the slopes. I prefer shaved edges around the greens to challenge the better players more and to repel shots. This will mean the average player will often be able to use putter from well off the green. Greens would reward well played shots from the correct angles, but also be a fairly large in size on average to give a safe area of the green to target when the flag is tucked. Hazards: I would keep these more minimal than we see in a lot of modern golf course architecture, and I think I would prefer to rely more on bunkers than water hazards (unless natural). The hazards generally need to be playable, but definitely something a players wants to avoid if they want to score well. I do think a few hazards (especially on the ore accessible holes) would need need to be a bit more penal and really give the good players something to consider. Routing: This kind of falls in line with holes section above, but I would want the variety of golf holes spread out throughout the round, and for some reason would like a "Pete Dye Finish" (Risk-Reward Par 5, Short but Penal Par 3, and very strong challenging par 4). My perfect course would be routed in such a way to ensure that the best views are taken advantage of, and the wind is encountered from all directions. The course would be generally walking only (with special permission as necessary for carts)and therefore the green to tee transitions would be smooth, and the asks in between quite pleasant. Not really a "routing" feature per se, but I would prefer to have tee offerings ranging from 6800 max to just below 5000. Organization: Semi-private club. I like the model. 4-5 days a week where only member and their guests can play, and 2-3 days a week where if planned in advance a visitor can schedule a tee time. So now the only question I have is...who wants to put up the money for me to realize my dream? 🙂
  2. Harris county just shut down all non-essential businesses with the latest order. Golf courses won't qualify is my guess. Today will be last chance to play golf per my understanding.
  3. Andy Johnson (thefriedegg) will love this. By “this” I mean no fans at a golf tournament. He is always clamoring for that on the podcast.
  4. Doak and his Co-Authors see a lot of those courses. However, you would be shocked at how many of those courses they do not like or at least don’t rate near as highly as one would expect. One of the co-authors actually runs that site, but the rankings are review driven. Course rating websites and magazine ratings are often slanted to courses with large advertising budgets.
  5. 96 on a par 68 course...unfortunately it is also my most recent 18 hole round. luckily I bounced back and shot 43 over 9 holes while on vacation.
  6. Agreed with the the scheduling situation others have stated. And PGA National is a bit boring IMO...but probably not why it doesn’t have the strongest field. Also...Par is irrelevant in tournament golf 🙂
  7. Shot 43 today on the Prairie 9 at Patty Jewett Golf Course in Colorado Springs. Just glad I had some good weather to play in while visiting. Didn’t hit driver all that well, but was money from 100 yards and in with wedges and especially good on recovery shots. The course was maybe a Doak 2, but with the great scenery I will give it a 3.
  8. Shot 45 on the front nine at one my local go to tracks on Friday. Had a Downhill birdie chip on the last hole that I thought I hit perfectly....it rolled very slow all the way off the green on the other side into a water hazard!☹️ I’ll mark that side of the green as “death” next time I play that hole!
  9. I actually enjoyed being last years Rookie of the year, the awards are fun..so congrats to the new crop! Way to go @leftybutnotPM and @Vinsk especially!
  10. Pebble Beach no, but it is desperate need of a restoration. Torrey pines is extremely overrated IMO. Keep in mind also that just because someone says a course isn't great...it doesn't mean its bad. There are many shades in between.
  11. Lol Interesting stuff! Makes sense because he was certainly a guest...Though he did get to take a picture wearing a members jacket!
  12. So a co-worker of mine got a new job, and Friday was his last day. I was bummed to see him go because he was the only person at work as crazy about Golf as I was (he was about a 10 handicap) and fun to talk to about the game. He is in his late 50s and is well traveled in the game of golf. He has played just about every big name course public or private except Augusta. Anyway he brought me a parting gift...a Pine Valley golf bag!! He played there in 2013 (had some great on course pictures). I have found my new walking bag:)
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