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How Many Times and Where Did You Play in 2020?

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I played 47 times, 9 of which were about nine holes (7 were 9, 1 was 12, 1 was 4).

In reverse chronological order and skipping all repeats of course:

  • 24. Links at Firestone Farms (three days ago on Friday)
  • 23. Royal New Kent
  • 22. Bedford Springs
  • 21. Lawrence Park GC
  • 20. Shannopin CC
  • 19. Methodist University GC
  • 18. Whispering Woods GC
  • 17. Columbus Country Club
  • 16. Boulder Creek GC
  • 15. Little Mountain CC
  • 14. Park Country Club
  • 13. Venango Valley
  • 12. Kahkwa Club
  • 11. Pittsburgh Field Club
  • 10. Greystone Golf Club
  • 9. Moon Brook Country Club
  • 8. Cranberry Highlands GC
  • 7. Castle Hills GC
  • 6. Southern Pines GC
  • 5. Dormie Club
  • 4. Mid Pines GC
  • 3. Pine Needles GC
  • 2. Oak Tree CC
  • 1. Birdsfoot GC (February 23, 2020)

Considering that's only 47 rounds, I spread it around pretty well. Most of those except, say, Lawrence Park, Links at FF, and of course Whispering Woods I played just once.

Now, there were times I had clubs out playing but not keeping score. Just practicing. Playing a few holes while Natalie played/practiced. Stuff like that.

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I played 41 times (20 9 hole rounds); played a lot more than that, but solo or messing around.

Lake Padden
Loomis Trail
North Bellingham
Chambers Bay
Wine Valley GC
Fairwood G&CC
Meridian Valley GC
Avalon Golf Links
Sudden Valley G&CC
Whidbey GC
Eaglemont GC
Homestead Farms

Most of the rounds were at Eaglemont, Loomis Trail, and Lake Padden.

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Looks like I played 36 rounds - way down due to Covid and health issues earlier.

  • Grandview Golf Course
  • Shuksan Golf Course
  • Loomis Trail
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I have 84 scores posted, 62 of them at my home club.  I had two visits to the Pinehurst area, with a total of 13 rounds, and a visit to Palm Springs, played 7 rounds there.  I played in maybe 3 interclub matches at other courses, one charity event in Cumberland MD, a meet-up with TST guys at Royal New Kent.  That's a fair bit of golf!

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I've played 42 rounds to date this year (I think a few are 9-hole rounds), and posted 32 to GHIN. I'm hoping to get in 10 more before the end of the year to be able to say I played golf once per week. It might be tough, but I have 3 more weekends and then 5 company holidays between Christmas and New Year's Eve to get the rounds in.

I played 6 courses this year:

  • Tilden Park Golf Course
  • Chuck Corica South Course
  • Lake Chabot Municipal Golf Course
  • Metropolitan Golf Links
  • Franklin Canyon Golf Course
  • Old Brockway Golf Club
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27 rounds:   9 were 9 hole rounds, 6 scrambles

Most courses local to Richmond/Central VA:

  1. Pendleton (3)
  2. Hunting Hawk
  3. Mattaponi Springs (3)
  4. Boonsboro (Lynchburg)
  5. Queenfield (2)
  6. Stonehouse
  7. Kiskiack
  8. Providence
  9. Hanover CC (4)
  10. Old Trail - LOVE this course
  11. Nags Head GL
  12. Sea Scape GL
  13. Brookwoods
  14. The Golden Eagle (won Pro Am)
  15. Aquia Harbor
  16. Royal New Kent
  17. The Hollows
  18. CC of Petersburg
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104 rounds so far for 2020. Not likely to add much to that number as the weather has made a turn for the worse.  Thirty different courses but only four were new to me.  A pre-COVID trip to Reunion, FL, in February, otherwise all the rounds were in the SE section of the Mitten.

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I played 60 times with all but one 18 holes.   I played almost 40 different courses. 

Now if we are counting times on the simulator since the season ended I have close to 20  in the last month.

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Let’s see I’ll try to remember all the courses I played.

  1. Trumansburg Golf Club (15 rounds)
  2. Hillendale Golf Course (Once)
  3. Mountain Top Golf Course (Three times)
  4. Genegantslet Golf Club (3 times)
  5. Afton Golf Club (twice)
  6. Blue Stone Golf Course (once)

24 rounds this year. Not terrible considering I didn’t start until late May.

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I played about 35 times this year (one more round planned on Thursday). None were 9 hole rounds. In no particular order:

  • Green Knoll GC
  • Warrenbrook GC
  • Quail Brook GC
  • Neshanic Valley GC (all 27 holes)
  • Royce Brook GC (East)
  • Whispering Woods GC 
  • Little Mountain CC
  • Links at Firestone Farms GC
  • Keney GC
  • Fox Hopyard GC
  • Stoneleigh GC
  • Royal New Kent GC
  • Twisted Dune GC (where I plan on playing Thursday)


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Posted 36 rounds, a few of them nine holes.

  1. Black Swan
  2. Unicorn (9)
  3. Woburn (9)
  4. Lake Winnipesaukee
  5. Campbells Scottish Highlands
  6. Keney (new)
  7. Fox Hopyard 
  8. Laurel Lane
  9. Fenner Hill (new)
  10. Meadow Brook
  11. Rose Hill (Par 3)
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Have no idea how many rounds I played this year. I'd guess somewhere between 60 and 70, but several of those were nine holes at my new home course.

Started at my old, now-shut, home course at Kittyhawk and will finish (hopefully) with a few more rounds at Miami Shores this month. Along the way, I visited:

Windy Knoll

Rocky Lakes

Yankee Trace

Beavercreek Golf Club

Sugar Isle



Reid Park (South course)

Stillwater Ridge (now closed)

Community (Hills Course)

WGC Xenia

Locust Hills (Maple Course)

All Dayton area. No traveling anywhere this year for me.

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I have 44 rounds in my stats app, plus I played another ~5 or so of scrambles/alt shot, etc so I'm going to say right around 50, which is definitely an all time high for me.

Starting with the most recent (excluding duplicates, * means new courses for me this year)

  1. St. Albans GC
  2. Turnberry Golf Course
  3. Raccoon International Golf Club
  4. Westchester Golf Course*
  5. New Albany Links
  6. Virtues Golf Club*
  7. Foxfire Golf Club*
  8. Pinnacle Country Club*
  9. Deer Ridge Golf Club*
  10. Links at Echo Springs
  11. Links at Firestone Farms GC*
  12. Cumberland Trail Golf Club*
  13. Prairie View Golf Club
  14. Colonial Golfers Club*
  15. Mid South Club
  16. Tobacco Road Golf Club*
  17. Talamore Golf Course
  18. Blacklick Woods Golf Course
  19. Moundbuilders Country Club*
  20. Darby Creek Golf Course
  21. Golf Club of Dublin*
  22. Kyber Run Golf Course
  23. Tanglewood Golf Course
  24. Clover Valley Golf Club
  25. Table Rock Golf Club
  26. Royal American Golf Links

Nearly half of the courses were new to me this year which I didn't realize until making this list. Also kinda funny to see the contrast in quality of courses on this list, I played a couple rounds on $100+ per round courses and a couple rounds on $20-25 courses.

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Added 2 that I forgot
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94 posted rounds so far, the vast majority at one or the other of the 2 courses at my home club.  I’ll be a bit over 100 by year end.  We were lucky that Covid shutdowns didn’t have much impact on golf here, so pretty normal.

  • Heathrow CC  (Home club)
  • Legacy Club  (home club)
  • Timacuan  CC
  • Tuscawilla CC
  • RedTail
  • Victoria Hills
  • Orange County National
  • LPGA International
  • Ironwood
  • Peridia
  • Esplanade
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Well the golf season never really ends here so I will add to these numbers with a few more round this year hopefully, but here we go: 

I have played roughly 35 times this year, and I have played at:

  1. Raveneaux Country Club 
  2. Cypresswood (Tradition Course)
  3. Jersey Meadow Golf Club
  4. Windrose Golf Club
  5. Memorial Park Golf Course
  6. Cypress Lakes
  7. Houston National
  8. Longwood
  9. Southwyck 
  10. Patty Jewett Golf Course
  11. Augusta Pines Golf Course
  12. Meadowbrook Farms 
  13. High Meadow Ranch
  14. Pamilla Beach and Golf Club
  15. Sterling Country Club
  16. Spring Valley Disc and Golf Club
  17. Raven Nest Golf Club 

I hope to add at least one more course to this list before YE. 

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    • I definitely hit a lot of fat shots.  I just have trouble hitting the ball first and I am bad about coming over the top. I am 74.  Been playing off and on for years.  My parents probably couldn't  have afforded lessons but I can see that would have been the thing to do.  I have been doing things wrong for years and it will be hard to change.  I got me a new net.  Just going to start fixing self and hit a lot of balls if I can.  I have a good idea of what I am doing wrong but I don't  know if I can change it. I was going to try and change to the single plane swing.  I had better luck with the driver than the irons. Thanks for the ideas.
    • I'm 63. I was using a 12 degree driver with a senior flex shaft. The ball ballooned to much and I had too much dispersion. I have changed the shaft to a slightly heavier shaft in stiff flex and gotten much better results.
    • I agree that a lot of pros and really good players end up at a similar angle at impact as they started.  In this example, would it make mike more consistent/better if he started with his hands higher but got to the same impact angle that he currently does?  Maybe, I’m not an instructor.  Just seems like an easy thing to point out that might not be the most important thing to change, at least not directly.  
    • I usually don't mind, but every once in a while....... My son, his buddy and I frequently play on weekdays. We play "ready golf". If you are ready, hit it. We can easily do 18 holes in under 3 hours with no obstructing traffic.  Last time my son and I got paired up it was at the turn,  with a couple guys who wanted to make sure the guy who hit was away, double check honors on the tee, etc etc.  And, quite frankly, these guys were just not very good. We had done the front in 1:15. Back side took 2:30. With no one ahead of us. I was so ticked off after the 11th hole my game went to Hades, but I was still better than these clowns, by at least 2 strokes a hole.
    • Seems to be true if you look at Moe Norman's swing. His angle at impact is the same as at address.
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