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  1. Thanks all. Looks like I may have to take my buddy out to the course with me one late afternoon and we can take turns hitting shots and measuring them. Not too many days when the course is saturated that they allow us on it, so... plugging shots won't work. I like the idea of hitting at/towards a fairway bunker. That one could work nicely too. I appreciate the feedback! CY
  2. How does everybody figure out their carry distances? I know that my average drive is about 230 yards... but I have no idea what my carry distance is. Same with my 3 wood. Irons (especially 6 iron and under) are a little easier because, for the most part, I can see where they land on the greens... and then I can pace it off from what I measured it at with my rangefinder. Just wondering if you have access to devices (TrackMan, etc) that allow you to gauge your carry distances properly or not. I'm not thrilled about going into a place like Golf Galaxy and using their simulators because I
  3. I went back and read my post and I can't find where I said or implied that. Now I'm confused. If my post was interpreted that way, it's not what I meant to convey. CY
  4. I've been there. The worst for me is when they happen in back-to-back rounds just a day apart. I know that, because I don't have the time to put the necessary practice into my game, I'm going to struggle with being consistent. Unfortunately, there are times I'll go a week or so without even getting to touch a club. That makes things difficult... especially if I have a round like I had yesterday where I'm hitting the ball really well and leaving myself in pretty decent positions. If I don't touch a club after a round like that for a week... all the feelings I had from that previous rou
  5. I play frequently with a buddy who is struggling with the same type of thing. He feels that he NEEDS to hit his driver on almost every hole that isn't a par 3. I hit my average drive about 230 yards. If I smash one, it'll go 250-270, but more often than not... I'm at about 230 yards. On MOST courses I play, that's going to leave me 150 or less into the greens on a majority of the par 4's. I've come to learn that, while getting the ball as close to the green as possible is valuable to my score... so is staying out of trouble. If there is trouble (say a set of fairway bunkers) at t
  6. Back at it today. I've been consistently at 90 or better for the last month. I haven't posted an 18 hole score over 90 since February 4th while posting 9 scores since that date. Today was aggravating for me, though. I struck the ball very well throughout the round but I could NOT get a putt to drop. I went off the deep end putting with a total of 41 strokes on the greens including 5 three-putts and a four-putt on the 2nd hole. 44 - 44 = 88 I did manage to squeak out 2 birdies throughout the round, but... it was really annoying being on the greens and being afraid to putt the b
  7. I'm not horribly far from there. Probably about 75 minutes or so. If you're up for a bit of a drive, about an hour north is a course called Edgewater in Lancaster, SC. It's a Fuzzy Zoeller design that's always in pretty good shape (except for the driving range) and is pretty affordable. I've heard really good things about Cobblestone from some friends, but I haven't played it myself. CY
  8. Wow... I had no idea Mexico City was up that high. It should be an interesting week! Looking forward to it now more that I've read this. CY
  9. I know I'm a 14+ handicap and I'm probably just looking for an excuse as to why I putt so poorly, but... I joined a club in September that has the absolute grainiest greens in the history of the game. You can place a level on the green to find a flat putt and the grain (which grows towards the water and away from hills more often than not) will absolutely influence the putt by a ball, sometimes two or more. I watch it every single time I'm out on that course. It gets me... it gets players worse than me... it gets players better than me. It's a real thing. I'd say just my opinion..
  10. In late September, I played the final tournament of the Charlotte area Golfweek Am Tour season. In the final round of a 2 day tournament, I posted an 81. Not only is it tied for my best score ever... it was also a great day from around the greens. I had 3 birdies that day... 2 of which came from off the greens and I also managed a number of par saves throughout the day. By far... that was my best round of the 2016 season. CY
  11. I kinda disappeared for the last week due to work. I ended up way busier in Nashville than I thought I'd be... but mostly because of the after-hours events. I got home on Wednesday night and the slept off a 4 day hangover on Thursday. I did manage to get out to the range Thursday afternoon to hit some balls... but that was more just swinging the club and trying not to hurt myself than anything. I played at the club on Friday where I shot a 42 - 47 = 89 that day. Most of the day, ball striking was okay. I had a poor stretch from 9 through 11 that included a ball lost to the creek
  12. 2/12/2017 - I spent much of the day on an airplane or at an airport. Because of that, I did a lot of re-reading of LSW. I got to the hotel and did about 10 minutes worth of the wall drill. CY
  13. 2/11/17 - Today was back to the wall drill to increase flexibility. I may be using that for the next few days while I'm holed up in a hotel. CY
  14. I posted a pretty ugly 46 - 44 = 90 yesterday afternoon. I made par on 7 holes but I also threw a pair of triples in there and a few doubles as well. My biggest struggle seemed to be my wedges. They were on line but they'd come up just short and end up rolling back off the false fronts of the greens. Now I'm on a forced break until at least Thursday. Ugh. CY
  15. I hit about 20 balls on the range this morning with my 58 degree wedge using a 3/4 swing trying to get a lower ball flight that I can reliably use from 50 yards or so. On the course, I faced that shot about 4-5 times and continually came up just short. It was frustrating, but... the good thing is that each of those shots was directly on line. They just landed into false fronts and came back down the hills on me. Shot 46 - 44 = 90 today. Not really the best round for me. I found myself pulling a lot of shots. Unfortunately, other than possibly tomorrow, I won't get my hands on a cl
  16. Yeah... I may not have worded it clearly enough but... essentially, I'm in agreement with what @saevel25 is saying. Cabrera is one of those good players who just happened to have a pair of really good weeks at the right time. He definitely isn't one of those great players. Someone said 40+ wins and 5+ majors. I think, in an individual game, that may be setting the bar really high, but... that's kinda what defines greatness... exceeding extremely lofty expectations. There are very few 'greats' to have played the game. A ton of 'really good' players... even more 'good' players... a
  17. There's good... there's really good... and there's great. I'd have to say that to be in that great level, you'd have to have a combination of a number of regular tour wins and a handful of majors. It's an individual sport where success is measured in victories. The largest victories will be against the most difficult fields. The majors provide exactly that. A major winner is a major winner. A multiple major winner is at another level. A multiple major winner with a proven track record of winning is at the level of greatness. For all of Tiger's success in majors... what make
  18. 2/9/2017 - I jumped out of the car onto the first tee today to try and get some video (unsuccessfully) and play some shots in the wind. I focused on really trying to keep the ball down today, so I played a lot of extra club on most shots. My pitching and chipping was excellent today. On my course, a lot of greens are raised which means uphill lies chipping back up. On those shots, I focused on getting my shoulders in line with the slope and the results were much better than I've had in the past. Side note... it was a sloppy 46 (+10) for 9 holes that included 4 pars, 2 bogeys, 1 double a
  19. I'm an optimist, so... my game is almost always 'on the cusp'. Truthfully, though... I'm playing as well as I ever have. I've made some minor changes over the last 18 months or so that have led to more consistency. I'd like to believe that with some professional assistance and some dedication, I can get myself much closer to where I want to be. CY
  20. So... I went out today to try my game in some wind. Below are a pair of swings from the day, both with 7 irons. One from a tee and one from the fairway. I believe the angle from behind is off a bit, so... I'll try to get another shot next time I'm out alone like that. The tee shot was a good shot. The shot from the fairway was flared right and got caught up in a 25 MPH wind so it finished well short, also. As always, tips and suggested drills are welcome and appreciated. CY
  21. I went out today, more than anything, to test my game some in the wind. It was about 50 degrees and blowing 20-25 MPH with gusts in the 30-35 MPH range. Save for a few holes, I played pretty well. 1 - Big slice with my driver near the second hole. Punched a 4 iron into the fairway short of the green. Pitch shot from about 40 yards hit the stick. 2 feet for par. 2 - 7 iron from the tee drew in nicely but went just a little long. Chip from just off the back of the green left me 7 feet. I made that for par. 3 - Another big slice put me in trouble. I flubbed my punch out
  22. I agree with others. Your life is your life. Your sole responsibility in it is to LIVE it. Golf brings me joy (mostly). Vacationing brings me joy. Hanging out with friends brings me joy. I do these things because it's part of my life. I'm doing my part by living my life. As for any 'debt' to society I may have... I'm a good person. I'm not out there selling drugs, beating women or children, robbing banks or anything else negative. I help out when and how I can... I pay my taxes and keep my property clean... and above all else, I'm raising 3 kids to be upstanding members of ou
  23. 2/8/2017 - I read the blog post and drill @iacas posted about the wall drill and flexibility in 2015. That got me thinking about my own lack of flexibility, so I spent some time doing that drill. I won't get to the course tomorrow due to the wind they are forecasting, in all likelihood... but I'm gonna give that drill more time over the coming weeks to try and get a better turn. CY
  24. I certainly take some solace in being able to grind out an average score, but... I'd still prefer the great day. I shot a 93 on Saturday during a tournament round that FELT like it was going to be somewhere around 105. I just didn't have it that day. To come in and realize that it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought was a nice feeling. Still... I finished 7 strokes behind the winner and 5 strokes out of the money. I didn't have my swing OR luck that day. I had to grind it out start to finish. I would have preferred to have my tee shot on my 4th hole bounce forward off the top of the m
  25. That's a tougher question. I mean... if I shot a crazy good number for me (79 or something)... I'd want to be able to say I shot the 79. I don't know if I'd go into details about how I bounced a drive on a par 5 off the cart path to leave me 150 in or anything, but... I'd be happier to say I shot a 79 after a few good breaks than I would to say I shot an 88 where I played to my ability. CY
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