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  1. Why just get vaccinated? I got mine back in January.
  2. Not only that but they often interrupt one another, making the listening experience even worse. Didn’t think that was possible haha. Steve Sands and Nick Faldo had no chemistry yesterday and constantly interrupted each other. Shut up, indeed.
  3. Yeah and like trendy youngsters, those guys used phrases like "lack of imagination," "it has no soul," "no memorability," "it's all vanilla," "such a waste," and other amorphous sentiments. The only objective factors they pointed to was a) that the course is just really flat (in the literal sense) from the tee through the green and that b) there is only like one dogleg. I suppose those two are fair points. I haven't played it except on TW PGA Tour video games. They also said something like only 20% of the field has a chance--isn't that the case at most majors?
  4. Care to delineate your reasons why you hold this opinion?
  5. Bryson should’ve walked up to them during the interview and asked Todd Lewis if he’s had enough of this BS.
  6. @Billy Z is going to lose his 💩 when he sees this. 😉
  7. I know we’re not even through the first day yet and that the guys playing well right now had favorable conditions this morning (softer greens), but the scoring right now makes me wonder a few things: - is this Torrey is as hard as Torrey back in ‘08? - are the guys that much better nowadays? - has equipment had something to do with it? - a combination of all the above? - none of the above?
  8. Probably just mere tinkering, going back to something they’ve had success with in the past, or looking for a spark. DJ has had his proto irons back in the bag for a while though; in fact, he won the Masters with them. I don’t think that bears on whether the irons are a failure or not. I mean, come on, with today’s technology and streamlined manufacturing processes, how could they be a failure? The mere fact that players go to something else doesn’t evince that what they shelved is a “failure.” Moreover, what does “failure” even mean? Are you referring to something inherently wrong with t
  9. Tee to green. My daughter is only 6, so definitely safely advancing the golf ball as close to the hole as she can is important. But also, at this age--FUN.
  10. It's certainly a popular cliche these days, but nonetheless I'll say it: I felt that (phantom pains in my legs).
  11. These two statements are inconsistent. You're saying, in your opinion, that the caddies want to be seen, as if they're helping the women. Then, you state your happiness that the lining up ended. Before it was banned, who do you think asked the other to do the lining up in the first place--the player or the caddy? I'm going to say the player asked the caddy. That likely fact flies in the face against your first statement. I think you're projecting here, i.e., looking for sexism or something (given the language and general context you used: "male caddies" "helping the little ladies"). Gonna need
  12. For when they do a 14 club challenge: bunker edition? 😀 That’s Sergio though bro
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