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  1. This is a terrible idea. Hit down on the ball and through the ground!
  2. The point is well made. However, another thing to consider could be that the guys teed off when there was a break in the action. Meaning, there weren’t any tee times that closely ahead of them, and the subsequent groups piled in after them. Of course this is likely not true, but I’m stretching trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. More likely, they’re slow players not respecting others’ time, as you seem to indicate.
  3. Yeah most everyone is like that. We all mostly mind our own games, want people to keep up pace, and want to play with others that are nice to play a round with. No disrespect to the other posters, but the posts that said that are kind of "duh." At least you answered the question though!
  4. I like my chances. I can control my start line pretty well. I am, however, assuming that the dense cluster of trees only affects the ball and not my swing, i.e., I can take a normal swing. If, however, I cannot take a "regular" swing, then I'm chipping out.
  5. For fear of backlash for giving advice on a public forum, do what your instructor says. Or don’t. Do whatever you want.
  6. Sure. I get it. However, what’s the point of having a forum then? Work with your instructor and ignore well-intending folks then. Most of my advice has been just simple ball flight laws observations. That won’t interfere with anything an instructor says. Nothing in this thread was swing thoughts or mechanics related. In some other threads there were some mechanics, like hinging the club up more because the person is so flat. That said, the person posting on a forum has the right to post like I do to respond. They can reject it or accept it. i don’t keep up with who has an instructor and who doesn’t. And it doesn’t matter to me whether they do or not. They should know if they’re paying good money for instruction to just work on that. Simple observations as to ball flight laws doesn’t cross some mystical “over the line” advice you’re implying exists (which no line does exist on a public forum). And even if some advice does go beyond ball flight laws, again, ignore it or not; that’s up to the poster to decide. No need to referee my comments. Sure. And like I said in my response above, I merely pointed out simple ball flight laws observations to you. I never said anything mechanical to you as you appear to be a decent player and you mentioned an instructor.
  7. If that's the case, then it sounds like your path needs some work to get your curve where you want.
  8. How's your start line consistency? I'm assuming strike is reasonably good. If you start line is consistent, then it sounds like you're having path issues and that is causing you fits with curvature. If your start line is not very consistent, then you have a face issue. I would get on a good launch monitor and dial in start line. If you do that, then you've got face sorted. All you need to do from there is work on getting path where you want it to get the curve you want. To me, other than ball speed, start line is the most important data point to look at.
  9. I know the swing is dynamic, but if you like the cut, be sure to aim the face a little left of 0* and do your normal swing left. Should give you a nice little pull fade. Or, if you're wanting to hit it straighter, then don't swing so far left.
  10. Very sad. My dad sent the news to me. “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘bout Love” is one my favorite songs.
  11. Go check out the covid practice plan on this forum. I tend to only use the pitching technique around the green. I see chipping more akin to the full swing since it used the leading edge. I don’t use chipping technique much except for chipping out from under trees or hitting more of a full swing type motion.
  12. Well, it's still flat/underneath going back, so it makes sense why you would be prone to coming over a little. I'll certainly defer to more qualified folks who are teachers, but I don't think how high your hands are matters one bit; it's about the angle or pitch of the club as you take it back. I'd try to get the head to raise up more as you take it back. I feel like I'm trying to hit my nose with the clubhead as I take it back. Again, this has nothing to do with how high your hands are; it's more about hinging UPWARD of the club head. Like I said, you still have the club flat and underneath. Go look at @Lugowskins's thread as he had (as I had) a similar problem as you. Specifically, go to page one of his swing thread. Look at the Charley Hoffman swing sequence I have on my V1 app with the lines. Your swing looks so similar to my old swing--flat and inside. Moments of brilliance and moments of hopelessness haha. When I get a chance, I'll update my own swing thread and show my change to a more upright swing.
  13. Use the ball flight laws to figure the answer to your problem. Assuming the strike was decent, and not out of the toe, you have an issue with your face and path being too different. In other words, you have a face that is too closed to the path on which you are swinging. Get face and path closer together, and you will see a straighter shot. Again, all of this assumes you struck it well.
  14. The DTL view looks a little better from the standpoint of getting the club a tiny bit more vertical to give you room to hit down on the ball more. However, the way you're doing it isn't ideal. You're still a bit flatter on the way back and then you're coming over steeper on the way down. I'd try to get the club up more on the way back.
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