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  1. Have any of y’all ever done a hole in one challenge? In case you aren’t familiar, you pick a shot (ideally a par 3 that’s 150 or less), and you keep hitting the shot until you make it. I personally have done a hole in one challenge, although it was in my own backyard. The shot I had was about 50 yards, but it’s a difficult shot because my green is severely undulated and very small. I made it after about 200 shots, which is about an hour of work for me. For those of you who haven’t done one, it’s a whole lot of fun.
  2. I meant to post about this round a few days ago, but here it is! We played my birthday round this past weekend at UNC Finley. I briefly thought about the gold tees (~6800 yards), but we all ended up playing the blue tees which were about 6200 yards (yes, even my brother played these tees, even against recommendations from me, my mom and my dad to play the white tees), and I shot a 95 (46-49). I’m fairly happy with my front nine, two doubles and one par with 17 putts. The back nine, however, is where my putting went sour. I had a lot of 50-footers on the huge greens, and I took 23 putts, including a four-putt double on the 11th hole. That was the low point of the round, although I did finish with my only triple bogey of the day. It wasn’t even that hard a hole (straightforward 370-yard par 4). Although a bit more penal than my home track, I loved this course, particularly the par-5 17th. This one was just over 500 yards from the blue tees, with split fairways on the second shot. The green was what I thought was the most difficult on the course. It was two-tiered, but the top tier was 18 inches above the low tier. The pin was on the lower tier, and my brother found himself on the upper tier. He three-putted, which is actually pretty fair from where he was. This was a fun golf course, particularly the back nine. My favorite stretch was 15-17. I mentioned 17 above. 15 is a longish par 4 with water all down the left side. The 16th is another par 4, this one about 360 from the blue tees. The tee shot is over a huge area of gorse, making for a heck of a view, not to mention intimidating! The approach is all uphill, at least a club. I also played a twilight nine today. After making triple on the first hole, I played well (with the exception of a double from 90 yards on the sixth hole) on the last eight to shoot 46. My bother came along too. But when we finished the third hole, he hopped over to the sixth tee and played 6-9. He claims to have gone double-birdie-bogey-par after going +4 on the first three, meaning he shot +6 for seven holes. A really solid round from him. So 27 solid holes of golf in the past few days. I’m pretty happy with where my game is right now. I haven’t been scoring great, but I’m hitting the ball well. I need to work out a few bugs with putting (exactly 100 putts in my last 45 holes), but I’m playing well apart from that.
  3. My brother and I played five holes today after doing some short game work on the practice green (we also did an eighteen-hole up-and-down contest, and he beat me by five). We played holes 1, 2 and 3, then hopped over to the nearby 6th tee and played 6 and 7, then walked to the clubhouse from there. I bogeyed the first hole after making an eight-footer, then parred the next three holes, hitting all three greens. My drives on 2 and 6 were bombs, and I had 100 in on the second hole, 65 in on the sixth. I bogeyed the par-4 seventh, which was our last hole. My total was +2 for the five holes. I hit the ball great for those five holes, some of the best I’ve had in a while! This practice session was also one of the most productive I’ve had.
  4. This would be funny for the prankster, but I imagine most victims wouldn’t have taken it as well as Spieth did. I would definitely be mad if some idiot tried to pull this one on me. Imagine how it would’ve unfolded if it had been played on the likes of John Daly or Rory McIlroy...
  5. WOULD YOU RATHER #31: Assume you are playing golf for the college team of your choice. Would you rather be Mr. Erratic (i.e you have a 50-50 shot between 60s or high 70s or worse) or Mr. Consistent (you usually shoot around par, with occasional sub-70 rounds)? For me, I would rather be Mr. Consistent. If I constantly spit out scores in the low 70s, I’m a good man to have because my bad rounds would be just a couple over par, which doesn’t hurt too much. However, if I’m Mr. Erratic, I’m either a hero or a failure. I may go out and shoot 66, which puts us in or close to the leading team, then I’ll follow it up with a 78 or worse, which hurts.
  6. Exactly what I was thinking. He may hate me for it for a while, but if he’s gonna be on the team, he needs to start playing by the rules.
  7. As I just posted in “What’d You Shoot Today?”, my brother played his first full eighteen in a while. Well, I say full eighteen, but he didn’t exactly play the entire round. He quit on a few holes and didn’t play the last hole. He dropped at my ball when he lost a ball. As I’ve mentioned several times, he wants to be on the team. Keep those details in mind. The reason why I mention this: he was texting with our grandpa after the round (our grandpa loves to hear about our rounds), and when he was asked what he shot, he said a number that caught me off guard a bit. That number was 103. 103!!! In reality, the way he was hitting the ball, he probably wouldn’t have been within ten shots of that. When I asked him why he said that, his answer was almost laughable. He said, “103 is a good score for me.” He’s been known to fudge his score like this before. So, my question is, what do I do here? If this continues, and he actually does it in a match, what appears next to his name on the scoreboard will not be a number. It’ll be a DQ.
  8. Yesterday my brother and I went out and played a course that we haven’t played since March. It’s a slightly easier course than my home course, so I was going into the round thinking I would easily shoot in the 80s. I didn’t, but I wasn’t that far off. I didn’t hit the ball great on the front, but was able to hang in there and shoot 46. Two highlights: •I chunked my tee shot on the par-5 fifth and didn’t even reach the dogleg, but I was still on the green in four. I rolled in my difficult six-footer for par. That was a confidence-builder, since I almost never play that hole well. •I had about 145 in on the ninth hole, off a slight downhill lie. 8I again to four feet. This may have been the best shot of the day (my approaches on 17 and 18 are also solid contenders), but I unfortunately missed the birdie putt. The back nine was better, and I actually walked to the seventeenth tee needing to birdie one of the last two holes to keep it under 90. Both were good opportunities, the 17th being a reachable par 5 (453 whites), the 18th a short par 4 (354 whites), but the seventeenth is the better chance. My drive wasn’t quite long enough to have a good shot at the green, so I laid up with a 3/4 9I (there’s a small pond about 100 yards short of the green), which left me about 135 yards into the wind. I decided to hit a knockdown 8I, and it came off perfectly and settled eight feet out, exactly pin-high. Grazed the edge with my birdie putt, which left me with a tap-in par. Although I wanted the birdie, I was satisfied, because I hit three good shots to give myself a legit birdie chance, and I hit a good putt. I wanted a three on the eighteenth hole, which would give me 89. My last drive found the last fairway, and I had about 140 to the pin. I went with the 8I again, full swing this time. As soon as I let it fly, I knew it was gonna be good. Twelve feet out. I knew I had another chance. However, I seemed to forget that putts from above the hole on this particular green tend to slide quite a bit if you missed it long. I had the line perfectly, but I gave it too much gas, and it rolled past and just kept on rolling until I had a longish par putt. I lined up my eight-foot par putt and missed it, so I tapped in for an ugly three-putt bogey to finish at 91. With the exception of that three-putt, I played the last two holes very well. For some reason during this round, and it’s not because of my fade, I had a tendency to lose my iron shots to the right, which was frustrating because that isn’t normal for me. I didn’t hit them poorly at all, I just pushed them a bit. My brother played his first full eighteen in about three months, and he was doing pretty well until he pulled a muscle in his leg on the 14th tee. I still don’t know how that happened. I thought he was gonna quit right there, but he didn’t. He battled on, and managed to hang in there until the 17th. After he putted out, he told me he was done. So he sat out the last hole and watched me play it. Im probably only gonna play one more time before Saturday, which is when I’m playing my “birthday round”. I mentioned on this forum about this time last week that I was playing Lonnie Poole, but my dad went on the website last Friday, and the earliest tee time we could’ve gotten was around 2:30, meaning, because it’s typically a busy course, we probably weren’t going to get all 18 holes in. So I looked on the list of courses I made just in case we couldn’t play Lonnie Poole, and the course that stuck out to me the most was UNC Finley. I remember when I was in middle school, I had a friend who played there a lot, and he said it was a great course. We were able to get a tee time there, for 11:24. I’m looking forward to it!
  9. The 80 I shot a few months ago has been knocked off my card, and my handicap currently sits at 16.3. However, my round from today (score post in a little bit) knocked the next-lowest round, 83, off as well, so it will probably skyrocket when I get my update tomorrow. Stay tuned.
  10. I’ve got a similar hole at my home course. It’s only 318 yards, but, because it’s almost a 90 degree dogleg to the left, you realistically can’t have less than 120 in unless you hit a gutsy shot over trees, where if you miss and hit the tree there’s a very good chance you’re re-teeing. I couldn’t seem to birdie it until a few months ago. That marked almost two years of playing the course. Over a hundred rounds played since April 2018 (when I first started playing the course), and I’ve birdied it only once. But it feels great to birdie a hole that you’ve been dying to make birdie on for a while.
  11. Thanks! Being one to never back down from a fight, I’ve always been good at making these sort of comebacks. At least on my home course, they always seem to start on the sixth hole, which is a short par 4, very birdieable, the perfect hole to get your game back on track.
  12. I now have four wedges: my PW (don’t know the loft), then a 50 that I just put in the bag, then 54 and 58. The 50 and 54 are my money clubs, the 54 I already knew, but I hit some great shots with the 50 today. I think I’d do well with a 76 degree wedge, although I tend to open the face just a hair with my wedges. I think if I do that with this club, the ball would hit me. Not ideal. And my coach doesn’t like 60 degree wedges, so he definitely wouldn’t approve of this. He’d probably be a bit amused though!
  13. I’m alright out of fairway traps, but greenside bunkers give me fits. I could probably save two strokes on sand play alone, because I’m usually in at least one greenside bunker per round. Nonetheless, I’m really looking forward to playing the course! I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. I looked up the scorecard for the course, and there’s a tee box one up from the normal tips (two up from championship tees) that’s 6500 yards. I’m probably gonna play that.
  14. I ended up shooting a decent round today after yet another poor start: this time +11 with three 3-putts through five holes. On the sixth hole, I again started a comeback. A huge drive followed by a nice 54-degree wedge shot left me 15ft out. Rolled that in for birdie. I parred the next two holes, only to bogey the easy ninth for 47. I started the back nine with a weird bogey: a topped tee shot, then a hybrid layup that apparently hit a tree and bounced right on top of a rock mound on the right side of the fairway. Took an unplayable, hit one short, then hit another good wedge, this time with a 50 degree Cleveland that I just put in the bag last weekend. I hit a good approach on the eleventh but four putted. Bounced back with a par on the twelfth and 5-6-4 on the most difficult stretch on the course, all par 4s. I made a double on the par-5 sixteenth, and a bogey on 17 that should’ve been an easy par. I hit a good 7I on 18 that left me fifty feet out but on the green. I had a weird feeling standing over the putt, like I was gonna make it. I almost did it too, and I walked it in because it was on a great line, but it swerved left at the last moment, leaving me with a tap-in par, a 45 on the back and 92 total. Even though putting cost me at least two strokes a side, it was honestly a good round. May be playing on Friday, but if not I’ll try to get out this weekend.
  15. I’ve got something really exciting coming up: my birthday, a week from today! Part of my birthday this year, we agreed, will be us going to play a nice course that we’ve never played before, and he said I could pick, but if I couldn’t decide, he had a few courses in mind. I thought of a few courses that I’ve wanted to play for a while: 1) UNC Finley GC 2) Lonnie Poole GC 3) Olde Liberty GC I did my homework on all three, and decided that option number two would be the best bet. So it’s settled, all we’ve gotta do is make the tee time. We’re either gonna play on the Sunday after my birthday (we’ve got plans that Saturday), or the weekend following that, two weeks away. So my question to y’all is: have you ever played Lonnie Poole? If so, how was it?
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