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  1. For me, my full iron shots tend to draw whereas my flighted shots go straight with the abbreviated swing. With the lower ball flights, I get too much roll on hard greens. The ball carries to the front or middle of the green and rolls to the back or off the green, especially on elevated greens. I've not been trying this very long so I'll have to determine the right club and swing for the total distance. I am sure it'll be easier on flat courses and as winter weather approaches. Continuous improvement. This thread is what started me to experiment with these shots. Thx.
  2. Two years ago after my arthritic knees gave out, I wondered whether I would ever play again. With therapy, change in posture and positions, swing modifications and a lot of practice; I am getting my game back plus more consistency. I am excited about golf again. The forums and YouTube are fantastic resources. For some reason this new game I have, my green reading and putting is mediocre, but 1-2 birdies a round. For 18 holes, I score low 80's with 50% GIR. Progress or not, let's enjoy this beautiful game for as long as we can.
  3. I would think that's true. Rory and Tiger lift or workout on weights. Perhaps higher reps, less maximum heavy weights. Most days I lift light with high reps and a few hours later go to the driving range. On golf playing days I just do warmup reps. I'm a 65 years old retiree, but in my younger days when I lifted heavy, I couldn't hit the golf ball or it'd be nothing but giant slices. Find what works for you including stretching for flexibility if you want to maintain your swing. Enjoy the journey 🙂
  4. Playing an unfamiliar course, I can lose a few, but on a course I know I plan accordingly and may lose 1-2 on bad shots. Yesterday, hitting a 180 yard 2nd shot on par 5 into a peninsula green...pulled it into the water instead of pushing it into the green side bunker. S..t happens 🙂
  5. The potential issue with bending wedges is it changes the “bounce” on the bottom of the club. I buy specific Titleist wedges as they code both the loft and the bounce, I.e. 5610, 5608, etc... So, bending the 54 to 53, you’ll reduce the bounce and 52 to 53, increase the bounce which may be ok, depending on their current bounces and how you intend to swing. Oh, and don’t forget to check the “lie” while they have the clubs in the bending machine. Enjoy.
  6. Similar to some other posters, I have multiple set combinations depending on the course, scoring objectives and residential locations. Basically, Driver 9.5*, 3W 15*, 5W or 3H 19*, 4H 22*, 5H 25* (subtotal 4 clubs) , Irons: 5i - PW 28*-48* (subtotal 6 clubs), Wedges 52, 56, 60 and putter (subtotal 4 clubs). I enjoy buying good quality used clubs and continually experiment along with new drivers, but always seem to return to drivers and Irons decades old that i hit straight and a little shorter. Enjoy the journey.
  7. Agree with the other posts about buying good quality used clubs. New golf clubs depreciate quickly as new models arrive annually or sometimes semi-annually. The technology has improved, however 'quality' used clubs even decades old can provide good performance and service. Used clubs can also be modified to fit you. Enjoy the journey as you develop your game and swing.
  8. Sorry to those with medical issues. Hopefully, your health and game will improve. For some of us, slumps seem to happen more often than times we get into the "Zone" :) Sometimes, just going to the range will correct our errors, but other times it's modifying our mental game strategy. May you find your remedy soon or seek professional help :).
  9. From old injuries I have osteoarthritis in my hands, neck and knees. I use half gloves on both hands and knee braces. I do not remove the gloves or braces during golf. I am happy to get old as some of my friends never made it to retirement. Take care and enjoy.
  10. In high school I learned with the interlocking grip which was never comfortable for me. Years later after reading Hogan I switched to the overlapping grip. This took a year or two before I was comfortable, but still felt better for me. My hands are about the same size as "The Golden Bear's" which is average to small. As I got older, I wasn't comfortable again so about 10-15 years ago I switched to the ten finger grip. Now in my mid-60's, this is very comfortable for me. Each change took a year or two before it felt natural. Enjoy the progress of your adjustments. There are othe
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