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  1. I am fairly certainly that neither a major will be added or deleted in the next 20 years. What would be the purpose? The the four current majors are as international a mix as you could expect. Asian tour is getting stronger but all tours worldwide are getting stronger. I just don't see it. The world championships kinda fills that void for now.
  2. meah? play from the men's tees. Under 5500 yards is junior golf. Keep playing. You didn't cheat however. It's still 18 holes of golf and should encourage you although it's not mind blowing to shoot 79 on 5300 yards.
  3. The basic problem boils down to simple math. Higher handicaps have a greater probability of shooting 4-6 shots less than their handicap than a low handicap and higher handicaps out number low handicaps 5 to 1. Mix those two equations together and what you get is net golf that seems impossible for a low handicap to compete. Is it fair? I suppose but the current system in the states does not fully account for the probabilities. I think the safest net event is half handicap. This seems to bring every one closer. I avoid this by not playing net golf. At our club if your not shoo
  4. tee up money ain't much boys for the lower end fellas. Getting your card is worth about 60K Paying your way around the tour is about 100K. Geez leave it alone even if you came up the the most practical best solution ever devised it's a mute point because I am pretty sure the tour likes it the way it is.
  5. Typical amateur golf is more about results than mechanics. For example a 16 handicap is not going to go out and get himself swinging any more or any less like a tour pro by doing drills at home. This guy needs feedback, most golfers do. I am not big on mechanics for the average guy playing golf he doesn't need them any more than he needs a Formula One tuned vehicle to get to work. Some people enjoy the game and enjoy the journey of practices and getting better. Who cares if they spend money doing what they enjoy. The biggest laughs I get are those guys that spend hours at home honing the
  6. Wow you guys have way too much time on your hands... Seriously debating a subject that no one complains about and you don't the influence to change. These guys play golf for a living making the cut isn't easy to do for many so getting paid is an important aspect of the sport. I can't possibly imagine why anyone's suggestion of change would be an improvement on what already exist. I have an idea lets change the word white to black and black to white, because I think it should be that way, cotton is now black and space is now white. Why not?!
  7. You can pick up a cheap set for under $20 put em away until you need them. Better still play golf with other golfers.
  8. I was a die hard Titleist player for the past 25 years. Tour 382, tour balata, even played the prestige for a while then prov1x. Callaway had promotion buy 2 dozen get third dozen free, I had a Dick's gift card so it was worth a shot. I bought 3 dozen of the Callaway Tour i (s) best ball I have ever played bar none. For me it spins less on all my clubs which is a benefit for me as I got tired of hitting all my wedge shots 15 to 20 feet beyond the pin to get them close. With Cally ball I get a few feet of suck back on most shots and the ball last 3 times longer. I emptied my closet with
  9. White belts, White drivers and white grips are better suited for women. The white craze will die eventually, hopefully.
  10. If it makes you feel better you could just explain that your learning the game and didn't want to slow up play by just heading out on the course you wanted to get some short game and range practice in. Any real PGA pro or assistant will respect that. If they are decent people they'll offer you some quick help if they aren't too busy for free. Seriously I wouldn't ask I would just let them know what you're doing and will eventually be playing their course when you get more comfortable.
  11. Honestly... I do not have an issue with but I am surprised the club itself did not have the balls to enforce their own dress code. Pretty sure jeans are not appropriate dress for dinner. jeans and sneakers may be a bit over the top but so is Daly, everything about the guy screams over the top, his drinking, smoking gambling... oh wait I do all those. I guess I need to find me some queer looking blazers to wear with my jeans.
  12. I have shot 64 about a dozen times. It's my personal brick wall and one I don't think I'll ever get to climb over. The last 64 was about 9 years ago.
  13. I have two putters that are very different from each other when one starts to acted up I switch it out. A change of scenery does my eyes some good once in a while. A few weeks ago we had our invitational and during the practice round I didn't putt all that well, so the first round of the tournament I brought out the other and putted great, two weeks later another invitational at a different club and the same thing happened again. I switched back funny how our minds work when it comes to comes to golf... well at least my mind.
  14. We really don't need more food or more farms currently. 100 million pounds of produce is thrown away daily.
  15. Callaway Tour i (s) A better ball and Dick's has/had a buy 2 get free dozen sale. I was a 25 year loyal Titleist user, tour balata, tour , pro V1X The Cally i(s) is an amazing ball for the money around here they are $6-$8 cheaper than Titleist. What I find with this ball... Less driver spin, a little less wedge spin (which I needed) Much more durable, I can play three rounds with the same ball.. unheard of with the Pro V. into the wind performance was better. nice soft feel.
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