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  1. hahaha I just did :P Is this the driver Bubba Was using in the PGA? I still have my doubt that the driver would be 20yards longer. Thats one 99% of people say when they go out and try new clubs. Anyways, I think we have a Ping demo night in a few weeks near my home course. Ill have to give it a hit.
  2. So your telling me im going to be hitting my 7 Iron about 190 yards? Sorry to take the piss, but I don;t believe they are 20 yards longer... HAHAHA Just reread the title "driver" :P
  3. Ive used vector pro's for a fair while when do fittings. They are great! Im also looking at buying a second hand Vector Pro, they have been seeling for Min 800$ US on Ebay and about 2500$ max. Ive talked it over with my golf coach and they said it would be worth while buying one since I do lots of practise and since it's winter down here and it's been raining and alot of courses are closed because of all the rain. Ill wait for one to go cheep and then it;s mine :P
  4. Why so much negitivity??? Blades are really not that bad, people just make them sound alot wourse then they really are. Ive been playing blades for around 4months now and have had like 3 shots hury my hands and all of those were just horrible misshits that happen like every blue moon. First thintg you will notice is a flatter more penertrating ball flight along will a really nice feeling when they come out of the middle. If they are anything like the 710's (witch are not in my sig buy I also have them) they will be fantasic clubs! Good hitting! :)
  5. It helped me, it's def worth it! My old Irons were Bent upright, witch made me miss alot of greens left. My new clubs I actully got fitted and are 3* flat. My driver, 3 wood and hybirds all have aftermarket shafts on them. I can make my swing fit most of the stock shafts, but I have to slow down tempo and swing speed ect. Unless your a low hc, I honestly would not worry that much about it, your swing will most likly change with some lessons ect. So then the fitting won't help you. But it does help, your swing is consistant ect.
  6. Titleist drivers are fantasic! It sounds like you are looking for the Titleist Dcomp or the D2. I play the D3 but it is much less forgiving but it allows me to work the ball much better, I also think the D3 has much better feel!
  7. I would have to pick AK, even though i really like Rory. I beg to differ, how can you tell who has greater potential? You have no idea what goes though these players minds, who ever is better mentalty would have more potential.... In thoery :P As for the better swing comment, I think Ak's swing is much better as he seems to keep his swing together and he does not get as seperated as rory does. (but thats just what I think) Only reason I would vote rory is because he seems to be able to play more shots. Witch can be a big advantage under pressue! Who has a lower scoring avg? Everyone
  8. I did not go and read all the way though this topic because there is soo much negitivity. If it is your dream and you poor your heart and soul into it, you will have a chance! But you believe you can do it! If you have any doubt in your mind, you will be blocked mentaly and thats not good! 1 year is very little time to do it Imo, I would think 3 years might be a good goal. I honestly don't really believe those last 7 strokes were hard. Ive been playing for just over 1 year now and ive gorne from 26 HC to a + somthing hc in just over 1 year. (I say + somthing because my handicap has not updat
  9. There is a womans golf clinic every saturday at the golf club I play at, most of the clubs I see are. 1.Titelist Ap2 2.Cleveland Bloom 3.Titelist Ap1 Any of those clubs would be fantasic, I would think! The most commen drivers would be: 1. Taylormade Burner 2. Cleveland Bloom Most of the clubs out there today are great! Just get what she likes.
  10. I play the Titliest 909D3 and love it, great feel and you know when you hit the sweet spot.
  11. I think you may have that wrong, phil I believe used a 6.3* driver in the masters.
  12. Im going to tell you 5 woods. "It's all in your mind" Try just using some half swings then 3/4 swings then some full and maybe your timing is out. Stop hitting golf balls today, wait till tomoz and try again, I would say try either of those ideas. good luck
  13. Can't really say anything without playing them, but they don't really look promising....
  14. My driver is 44 and I love it! Then I still coke down on it in the wind when I hit my low stinger.
  15. Ive never really like Ping wedges, Im a very high spin player and ive used a few ping wedges, but they never really worked. My brother is a PING player, he loves there gear, but he did go and buy new wedges, because he felt like they did not give him enough spin, he nows plays mizuno wedges and loves them!
  16. You have no idea, sorry..... That Diamana shaft is not the "real" shaft, but it is still a very good golf shaft for most golfers, it's still very stable and plays great. It's not "crap" My mate just got a D3 and got the diamana, he is a +4 HC and he loves the shaft.
  17. "narrow" ahaha :D the I15's are awesome clubs (I have a 3iron I15) But I would not say they have a narrow sole :P :P
  18. +1 but a putter is a very personal choice, putters are very cheep now days. My dad brought a Odyssey white ice putter a few days ago and it was only 100$ bucks. Just go into another golf store and make sure you find the one that is best for you!
  19. I use a 14 way carry bag from titleist. Best bag I have ever had! Highly recomend it.
  20. I would not worry about what we think about the driver, it's what "you" think about it. I personally did not like it, felt no were near as good as past taylormade drivers and did not sound as good. On the + side it is a very nice looking driver.
  21. Maybe you are swinging the clubs with 2 different swing paths or it could be a shaft issue, I I would say swing issue. Does your 3 wood come out much flatter then your driver?
  22. Diamana White Board's in Driver, 3 wood. Graffaloy Prolaunch Red in Hybrid, even though it says the Wb, changed it not long ago. In both sets of my Irons (Titleist and nike) I play X100's In my Wedges Project X 7.0 (I think) All shafts are X flex
  23. I mark my Nike tour by covering 1 side of the logo in blue and then putting a pink line aross the part of the ball that says (one tour) I did a blind golf ball test not that along ago. 4 golf balls Titleist NXT tour, Pro V1, Nike tour and Nike tour D. I got all of them right except for the Nike tour and the Pro V1. That is when I changed ball to the nike.
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