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  1. Day 124. I spent ten minutes after work hitting 7-iron shots, off a mat, into a net, real balls, indoors.
  2. Day 123. Yesterday (10/21) was the second miss within 30 days (yesterday + 10/13; previous miss was more than 30 days ago). Today, I did 45 minutes of putting practice, around the clock drills from 4', generally around 24 putts to finish the twelve, thus averaging around 50% from 4' -- not good enough. Why am I able to do the ruler drill so well and miss so many within 4'? Do they break that much?
  3. Day 122. More carpet putting; larger room, a bit more time, different spot, same ruler. I am beginning to think bead is not the problem with my putting.
  4. Day 121. More carpet putting; ruler, putter, real balls. Getting some decent speed ones past the 36" marker consistently.
  5. Day 120. Five minutes putting on a ruler on carpet. Made most of them go the full 36" on the ruler (and continue another several feet). I didn't bring my cord for GG on the trip so I can't analyze yesterday's round just yet, but I suspect putting was a culprit. I feel like on half or more of the bogey holes, I had a <= 8' putt for par, but I made approximately none of them.
  6. Day 119. Do I know how to play golf? I messed up (very badly) the first five holes (+11 through 5) and still posted a 91 (ESC from 92). Had an 8 on hole 2 and a 2 on hole 8. Improved my standing in the 2020 TST Birdie Challenge (home course) to +3 and had short putts on holes 1, 10, and 15 that would have improved me on those too. How have I only played seven rounds at my home course in 2020? [not being in the same city hurts my ability to do that]
  7. Day 118. Evening wind down: ten minutes, 6-iron shots, focusing on setup and A1-A3, indoors, off a mat, into a net, with real balls.
  8. Day 117. I know it's a 5 minute challenge, but I'm not super excited that many days I'm doing only five minutes (or close to it). So today, I spent 40 minutes hitting balls (usual meaning; so, slow rehearsal swings etc, not just beating balls) indoors, off a mat, into a net, real balls. One of these days I'll do this outdoors and not on the course and will get video for evolvr again
  9. Day 116. I missed yesterday (10/13; my previous miss was 9/19 and those are my only misses in the past month+, so I'm within the challenge rules). Today I did speed sticks out back while dinner was cooking; protocol one. Got to 110 with green stick.
  10. Day 115. This evening, on my way to go on a grocery run, I stopped at a course to do chipping practice for 15 minutes. Real grass, real balls, onto a real green; 56 and 58 degree wedges, quarter and putter-style chip shots.
  11. Day 114. Speed Sticks, protocol two, in my backyard during SNF. However, during the second batch of games, instead of watching I went for a walk of over 11 miles (and 3.5 hours), so that may have contributed to lower numbers from being a bit tired. 😕
  12. Day 113. I wish Saturday hadn't turned into half a workday for me, but at least I was able to get to the adjacent room to spend a dozen minutes hitting balls with a 6-iron.
  13. Day 112. Another day where I periodically during the work day go to my indoor practice room (next room over from home office) to hit a few balls (indoors, off a mat, into a net, real balls when hitting one). Today I re-emphasized the slow rehearsal swings.
  14. Day 111. After dinner tonight, I went to a nearby practice facility. I did 15 minutes of chipping (real balls to a real enough green) and 15 minutes of putting. The area was sufficiently crowded that I couldn't really do any drills, but I worked on technique and distance control.
  15. Day 110. Today was another one of those days where, periodically during the work day, I wandered to my practice room to hit indoor 6-iron (off a mat, into a net, real balls)
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