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  1. Tiger isnt super human like some people like to believe! And saying he doesnt dominate no more is crazy, true he hasnt won a tournament by double digits in a while but thats down to other players getting better! I dont think tiger has got any better since '02 really! His putting this year so far has been rather patchy at best!
  2. Down to personal preference there, depends if you want more spin round the greens or abit more yardage off the tee!
  3. 57 rounds is quite alot! My home course reopened on 1st march and from then til today i have played 78 rounds! Averaged 76.3 (par 70) so far!
  4. I wouldnt beat yourself up there man, some days they all fall in, some days none go in, just gotta take the rough with the smooth!
  5. Shot 75 today (+5) was good solid round apart from 2 holes really, a triple bogey 7 on the 8th 468yds par 4, and a double bogey 6 down 18, 385yds par 4! 10 pars 3 birdies 3 bogeys 1 double 1 triple 5/14 fairways 9/18 greens
  6. I wouldnt say your losing your talent, its probably down to a problem in your swing somewhere! I would go get a lesson and go from there, could be something so small! Plus by the look of your handicap going from 10 downwards takes alot more better shots! Breaking up with your girlfreind sucks, and takes its toll, take a break from it all!
  7. I have the r9 tp 3 wood and tried the r9 tp driver! There is no diffrence head wise between the normal r9 to the r9 tp! The shaft is where its slightly diffrent!
  8. I carry 4 wedges! PW 47* GW 52* SW 56* LW 60* I ditched the 3 iron to put the gap wedge in, best decision i have made!
  9. Definitely my putter after tonights display, 24 putts through 18 holes! Second would be my cobra baffler pro rescue!
  10. Its all to do with the compression of the golf ball! Range balls are normally around 70 compression, meaning you hit it about 30% shorter than your normal golf ball you play with everyday!
  11. Maybe some collector has bought it?! And going to frame it i dont know! lol Or someones just an idiot and bought an illegal driver
  12. The reason you hit your 3 wood straighter is more to do with loft, a 3 wood is harder to shape than the driver because the 3 wood has more loft so more difficult to put side spin on the ball! I would say change your driver to a more lofted option, 10.5-11 degree, ive just bought a 909 D2 10.5 deg, always had a 9.5 degree driver all my life but that extra loft has let me hit more fairways and i have actually gain 5 yds!
  13. AP2's feel cumbersome and feel dead on impact! ZB's feel soft and they have a thin top line and look good!
  14. Played a 4 club touney a week ago! A hybrid of some sort then pitching wedge, sand wedge and putter!
  15. As your swing is slower than average (by the sounds of things) i would try the ladies flex shaft and see how it goes! I use a ladies flex r7 425 driver to warm up with as it gets my timing and rhyhtm going on the right track!
  16. Too much golf can cause fatigue! I have played for the last 23 days solid and im fried! Going to be taking 3 days off to recover!
  17. Your best going to your local golf shop and trying some irons out! Ping G10's are a big seller at the moment aswell as the new mizuno mx200's! Get custom fitted aswell, makes a big diffrence!
  18. Shot 76 (+6) today! Struggling with snap hooks all day yet again my short game saved my round! 6 out of 14 fairways and 11 out of 18 greens!
  19. My home course being summer now there running around 13 right now but being a proper links course the greens are so hard its unreal! If you have 180 yds to go you hit a wedge and run it for 30yds to the green there that hard!
  20. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 30,000 rpm? Yeah well i generate 99999999999999999999999999 rpm with a 330mph swing speed LOL
  21. Ok where did you buy this driver from? Ebay? If so what do you expect? Thinking you were getting a good deal? Dont feel good does it? Hopefully you will learn ebay is useless its all full of scammers trying to make a quick buck! If it was from a proper golf shop i would sue there ass!
  22. You cant really compare them both until Tiger has retired from golf, than you can look back and say he has the most major wins etc etc!
  23. Personally i would play the more difficult course, it will teach you to control your temper and also see how good your short game is! This way you then know what you need to practice to become an even better player!
  24. Evening everyone, The last weeks golf has been very frustrating, im hitting alot of snap hooks off the tee and feels like im not releasing from my right side through to my finish very well! Does anyone have and drills i could do to sort this out! Club championship is just over 6 weeks away and want my game ready for that! Thanks Nick
  25. 1. Brake par for the 1st time ever! 2. Try and hit more fairways and greens! 3. Get my handicap down to 3 by the end of the year! 4. Win this years Norfolk Amateur championship at my home club!
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