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Callaway X22 Bag and Clicgear 3.01

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Hey new member here and just a quick couple of question for the group......

Anybody have the Callaway X22 and how do you like it?

Second, anyone putting it on a Clicgear 3.0?

I have an old Sun Mountian Summit stand bag, and the leg actuator doesn't let the bag sit on the bottom part of the cart real well.

I received the Clicgear for Fathers day and so far I like it for my local courses.  But when I travel I want to have a comfortable stand bag to carry.  I like the looks of the Sun Mountian 3.5 Deluxe, but the CallawayX22 bag has caught my eye due to the price.  I have looked at the Ogio Grom and the SM four-5 but they are bigger than I want.



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hey, i have the callaway x22 bag and its great. i walk around 3 times a week during the spring and early summer, and the straps are really comfortable.  the legs come out easy and the base and legs are very sturdy. the top handle thingy attatched to the club opening is good for repositioning the bag, or unloading it from the car or whatever. it has lots of space, andhasw a large area for tees that i like. lots of pockets and comes with a ball marker which is a nice touch. overall its a great bag, and i wouild suggest it!


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