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Tried something new. It worked.

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So it was time to re-grip my clubs, and I wanted to try something a little different.  I read an article some time ago about Bubba Watson and how he likes to have rather built up grips, with less taper.  So I gave it a try.

I regripped several clubs, using a variety of techniques, sizes, and number of tape wraps.  After a very interesting range session, I've decided that this is what I like.  Midsized grip, 4 wraps for my low hand, and 1 wrap top to bottom.  It effectively takes a huge amount of the taper out of the club.  The end result is something I feel like I barely have to hold onto to put a mean swing on it, and I've picked up both yardage and consistency.  FWIW I have average sized hands, and I wear a size ML glove.  By standard 'fitting' I should be using a standard gripsize.

My point is simply this.  Try stuff, play around, and see what happens.  Also as a side note, if you put the grips on with masking tape instead of double sided tape, and blow them on/off with an air compressor, you can easily re-use the grips, and play with the tape without cutting it off every time.


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When I regripped this fall, I went from standard to midsize. I measure at pretty much standard, but the softer Winn Dri-Tacs have helped in a couple of ways:

* Better grip pressure because of a softer feel.

* Better line on partial wedge shots.

* Less hand fidgeting at address.

And like Stumpy , on my wedges I put three extra wraps of tape under the bottom hand so I can choke down without having too narrow a grip.


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      Stop saying that! Bingo.  To think that Erik or Mike has it in for you (or anybody else who starts a swing thread on here and gets offended) would mean that you'd have to start under the premise that they have extra time on their hands to spend goofing around and picking on strangers for no reason.  Fact is, if either of them (or, for that matter, about 99.99% of any of the regulars on this site) is posting on a swing thread that is not their own, they are trying to help that person. Remember that throughout the course of the conversation and it should be pretty difficult to draw the conclusions you've drawn. In your case, Tony, you got too defensive and started attacking them.  Despite whether or not you liked what you heard, they were offering (free) advice and they were answering your questions. Take Bill's advice and step back, take a deep breath, and move on.  And stick to one coach to avoid the confusion as well.
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      I'm glad you mentioned that, because that reminds me that is how I was hitting those much better impact positions originally earlier this week. I'll combine the feel I'm using for the hand path with the slow start and speeding up of hands on the way down.
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