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Using the adjustments on my Titleist driver

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I have been focusing on hitting a lower trajectory shot so that I could get more roll on my drivers. I adjusted my driver to the flatest setting with the least loft possible. Lately i am finding that i am pushing the ball more right than normal and hitting it higher right than normal. Should i adjust my driver back to square?


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    • Shaft selection
      By sinned123 · Posted
      I recently got my hands on a Cobra Fly-Z driver with the stock stiff shaft that it came with. Any suggestions on a reg. shaft that will launch the ball higher and possibly give me more yards....currently a 14 handicapper who hits the driver 210 - 225(ish) yards.... thanks for any suggestions  
    • My Swing (Mike Boatright)
      By saevel25 · Posted
      My swing is available in My Swing Thread. I warn you that I already have an instructor who helps me out. I have things I am working on currently. The likelihood I will consider a critique of my swing is low unless it jives with what my instructor says. 
    • Gun Laws
      By Gator Hazard · Posted
      I agree that stringent testing and additional training needs to happen.  I do not think it is a stupid idea to have armed personnel on college campuses, especially with the changes in technology where there are non lethal solutions in the form of non lethal bullets, bean bags, taser guns that shoot charges etc.  There could be ways to find a balance that would give options without the consequences having to be lethal in order to minimize risk of the types of accidents you speak of, and also, I wouldn't want them to know who the persons were that had these tools.  Mr. Jones could be one, or Mrs. Hathaway, or maybe its Mr. Smith or Mr. Gerard, who knows.
    • My Swing (Mike Boatright)
      By Mr. Desmond · Posted
       I'd go with what others say is the primary piece - the hip sway back, and upper body lean to target. One issue at a time. Then stop raising your arms in an inefficient effort to gain more power, then extending right arm - patient. You have a lot of compensation in your swing, as most of us do, and this is an effort to allow you to swing with more distance without compensations.
    • Gun Laws
      By Braivo · Posted
      What is your solution? How would you ensure that not a single weapon gets into the hands of a mentally ill person? Some of the most psychopathic individuals are incredibly intelligent and able to fool even psychologists into thinking they are sane. Even if you have a psychologist sign off on every single gun purchase, how do you keep that gun from being stolen or sold on the black market?  As long as there are guns in this country then they will fall into the hands of the wrong people. The criminals and those that are disturbed will seek them out and get them. Then what? Suddenly the only people that are armed are the bad guys and the good guys (police). When the bad guys show up firing weapons you call the good guys, but what happens in those 5 minutes in between is a massacre, 10 to 20 lives are taken and not one person can fight back.  The issue goes beyond gun control, it is this false perception that we can somehow create a utopia. Where we have all good without any bad. You can't. The world contains both good and bad and always will. As one evil is extinguished another rises to the top. We haven't had a world war in 70 years where hundreds of thousands of men were killed, so now our evil is mass shooters killing people in schools. It never changes, there will always be evil, always.
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