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Hello from MA

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Hello all, new to the forums today but not new to golf. I'm 27 years old and I've been getting serious about golf again. I started when I was 4 years old and played in Junior Golf leagues up until I was around 14-15 years old or so. I was introduced, coached, and taught about the game by my Grandfather, who's had an excellent amateur career in golf. He's 87 years old and still plays almost every day. On top of his many Tournaments and Club Championship wins, he has won numerous Super Senior tournaments in recent years (6 in a row at his course so far.)

Between school, work, college, etc, I slacked on golf and stopped playing, but now I'm getting back into it. I was just fitted for my new irons last weekend and have been hitting my current clubs almost every day for 1-2 hours. Looking forward to learning more from this forum.




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    • Worldwide Golf Handicap System to Debut in 2018
      That may be true at some or even most places, but i've seen numerous situations where the hole was cut in aeras which conflict plainly with the USGA recommendations, and not just on the "let's-make-it-real-goofy" tournament day that some courses have once in a while. @iacas, the reason i am bringing pin locations and pin sheet is because you mentioned that the daily rating will/may depend on the difficulty of the course setup, including pin placement. While there is no doubt that pin placement can affect scoring, it should be done in a somewhat controlled manner and not just by cutting  holes in the middle of steep slopes just because there is less wear and tear there. When a single hole placement adds 2 strokes to the average score, you know that something is not right... Overall, the new handicap system with daily rating may be a good or at least a better thing, but i will reserve judgement until i see more about it. The devil is in the details as they say. ;)
    • 19HI-New Home Simulator-How Much Improvement?
      Yeah, I would do the same thing with twigs or what not. I did not like it though when I couldn't make a true neck swing because of the object in the way. Minor problem. I'm general the drill cause more problems for me as I thought too much about not hitting the object a d became armsy. I ended up just using video and signaling the camera when I hit it fat so that when reviewing my swings I would know. Eventually I worked it out. 
    • "How To" Articles Added
      How about how to embed an article link in a word or two?  I used to be able to do it on the other site.. so something like. yahoo article <--  and clicking on this gets you there instead of having to past or what ever makes the site look much cleaner when done this way IMO
    • Mid-Atlantic Golfers Group introduction
      Hi y'all.  I'm in MoCo too, Bethesda in particular.  If it wasn't raining I'd be out there hitting the links.  It should be dry this weekend, and I plan on playing.
    • 19HI-New Home Simulator-How Much Improvement?
      OK power is back and now that Thanksgiving is gone, I had a chance to finally fire up the Sim today and get some of those baseline stats.  I have to say, after not swinging a club the past two weeks, I feel like I lost a lot very quickly.  I really didn't feel good at all, but that is to be expected since I don't even have my swing "grooved" at all anyways so it changes daily. During the summer I never had a single 3 day gap where I didn't practice or play in some capacity, so this 2 weeks is the longest break I have taken since I started this year. Now that I have properly prepped you with excuses as to why these numbers are going to suck, I will post the results from tonight.  As promised, I hit 10 consecutive shots of 9, 6 and 4 Irons, followed by 5 shots of Driver.  Before all I hit 20-30 8i to warm up, then I hit 3 practice shots with each club before starting the 10 shots.  This is the method I want to use moving forward to keep stats as consistent as possible.  I am posting pictures of the shot shape for each club, followed by the stats for each club.  Since these are my first pictures, I apologize if these are giant or tiny, and will try to adjust for the next post. First winter lesson is on Friday, man do I need it. PS: Looking at these for the first time and it looks like my alignment of the monitor tonight might have been off a degree or two, but it wouldn't affect much.  I will have it permanently fixed to the ground soon so I won't have alignment variability between rounds, but for now, its "close".   This is pretty close to real life.  Lot of inconsistency, not a ton of pure shots.  Driver was so LOL I could only do 5 before I quit.  You can see the decline of effort from shot 1 to shot 5 with it as I was giving up.  Haha. Kevin
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