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1. Multi-Quote

It grinds people's gears when you respond, minutes apart, to multiple users with multiple posts. This forum has the ability to let you respond to multiple posts inside of one post. It's called multi-quote, and it's useful, and virtually required. You can read more about it here:


Quote (

Reply with a Multi-Quote

Replying with a multi-quotation allows you to respond in line to another poster and include context to your replies or to reply to multiple posters within the same reply. 


  1. Navigate to the posts you would like to respond to.
  2. At the bottom of each post, toward the left, you will see the Multi-Quote button with two sets of quote marks.  Click here on each of the posts you would like to quote.
  3. When you are satisfied with your selection, click the Single-Quote button on one of the posts you would like to quote.
  4. The text editor will open with the posts you have quoted.  When you are finished replying to the posts, click the "Submit Post" button at the bottom of the editor.


2. Embed Videos

This forum will embed YouTube and Vimeo videos, and we strongly encourage you to embed videos of these types. Just click the "video" or "film" icon in the toolbar, paste the URL to the video in, and click "Submit" to embed the video in your post.


3. Search

Please search for an existing topic before starting a new one. Even if a thread is years old, we'd rather you bump the old thread with a new post than to start a new, virtually identical thread. This forum has been around for almost a decade - there are a lot of topics.


4. Set an Avatar

You're sent a PM about this when you sign up. If you don't set one, one will be set for you when you hit between 10-25 posts, typically.


5. Add your Name

More here: . :)