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Today I completed Week 1, Day 3 of Couch to 5K.

I did not overwork myself like the last time trying to set a stupid pace. That'll come - I just have to be patient. I may have gone slightly slower than I could have. It felt quite a bit like my first day. Really not pushed too hard, just comfortable.

I ran today with the RunKeeper app on my phone. I like it. It plotted my GPS position accurately and kept me apprised of my pace.

My links on DailyMile and RunKeeper are:



Now it's your turn. Like the "What'd You Shoot Today?" thread or the "Best Shot of the Week" thread, post here when you complete a workout. Think of this thread as something like a shared journal or blog. You work out, you post here, others get to see what their friends and fellow members are up to.

Cool? Great!

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I signed up for the gym last week and finally got my butt down there today for the first time.  I just did a 1/2 hour on the treadmill, but I varied it by running then walking and changing the incline up and down throughout the workout.  According to the machine I burned 315 calories... overall I was happy with my workout and plan to go a minimum of 3 times per week so I should be posting here fairly often.

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Ran about two miles on the elliptical. I'm going to try to avoid it in the future - pacing was a pain. Week two, day one of C25K - 90 seconds of running and 120 seconds of walking.

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Yesterday was a standard Monday workout for me: chest, arms, shoulders, abs and obliques.  I usually swing the club a lot on the weekends, so I schedule my back stability and power work mid week to give me some time to recover.  Monday is a little bit of a "take it easy" workout for me.

  • 10 minutes on the elliptical varying incline and resistance to get warm
  • 5 minutes of dumbbell flies, chest press using 30lbs/arm (warmup and mobility)
  • Light stretching most muscle groups to rough count of 10 or whenever I feel them loosen
  • Dumbbell press on stability ball 20x50lbs/arm, alternating arms up with varying elbow positions
  • Roll down the ball and do 15 incline dumbbell press with the same weight
  • Grab 10lbs and do some rotary lateral shoulder raises and other shoulder movements to get them extra warm
  • Balance on the ball on knees and do 25x30lbs/arm overhead dumbbell shoulder press
  • Back to the dumbbell press, same thing as before, I may switch weight at this point
  • Balance on the ball and do dumbbell flies
  • Supermans on the ball
  • Sit on the ball and do dumbbell tricep extensions alternating elbow position
  • Back to the dumbbell flies
  • Get in a push-up position with feet on the ball and do knees to elbows alternating
  • Tricep extensions on the cable machine
  • 12x100lbs/arm incline dumbbell press
  • Light stretching and massage
  • Atomic dumbbell flies (I made this term up I think ) .  Balance knees on the ball and alternate lateral raise, bend over lateral raise, raise up, bring arms in front and alternate arms lifting the dumbbell straight up in front of you. Maybe 20x30lbs/arm
  • Same thing but grab the 7.5lbs/arm and do it to exhaustion (lots of core here, especially in the front position)
  • Kettle ball throws with each arm
  • Medicine ball oblique work on ball
  • 10lbs/arm shoulder stability work (all axes on ball)
  • Light stretching

I don't stop between sets so it takes about an hour.  I also don't have any of this written down anywhere except here, so it probably changes some.  Goal is to challenge myself somewhat every workout.

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5 minute warmup, walking at 3.2 mph, increasing to 3.6 mph by 5 minute mark

2 minutes running at 8.4 mph

1 minute walk at 3.6 mph

2 minutes running at 8.4 mph

1 minute walk at 3.6 mph

Alternated 1.5 minutes at 8.4 & 3.6 till 20 minute total time

walked 4 minute cooldown at 3.2 mph

I am trying to find some good pacing and good intervals, trying to develop a workout progression to running a 5K. I like to mix and match, and find something that fits me good. I found, 8.4 for 2 minutes got me going pretty good. I think the 1 minute wait between was to short, and i kinda gassed out there a bit, so i switched it to 1.5/1.5. I think if i did 2/2 minute splits i would have been fine to go for a while. This gave me an average of an 11:30 minute mile. Not bad with a total 9 minute warm up and cool down period.

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Since the weather is still decent here, tonight will be an outside workout:

Rope climb

Shoulder press

T-handle swings (homemade kettle bell more/less)

Farmers walk


Bar dips

Once it gets too cold and/or snowy outside, I'll be back in my basement gym.

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Well, I finally got back on the treadmill tonight.  This was my first run since my 5k last month, so I took it easy.....add that with a chest cold.   But I ran for 8 minutes to start with.  I'll probably hit 10 or 15 the next run.  Then gradually increase until I get back to the 3 mile mark.  I have another 5k the first weekend in December.  I plan on starting 10k training after the first of the year.  I'm hoping to get back in the gym next week and get back to hitting the weights.

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My wife (whom Erik has also met) and I did Interval X+ from the P90X+ series of workouts.  We do a lot of mixing of P90x and  P90X+ with a little bit of "Insanity" thrown in from time to time.

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Worked out tonight for a half hour because time was limited.

I did a triple super-set of incline bench, preacher curls, military press.  4 sets of moderate wieght.

Then did a triple super set of hammer curls, front delt raises, then a tricep excecise.

Finished up with some shrugs, tricep extensions, and curls going quickly from excercise to excercise.

Got a great workout for the limited time I had.

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Same loop as the one I've used, again in reverse this time.

Fingers got a little chilly. Kinda bummed because I forgot to start RunKeeper. I thought I'd pressed "Start" but I didn't until the last five minutes. So I only tracked 5:58 and I ran and walked 0.58 miles in that time. So I'm just going on that pace: about 10:15 total. Which is disappointing because it's slower than I have been going. But maybe my previous numbers weren't all that accurate. I dunno.



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Ran tonight with my dog Ty.  Not sure exact distance, but I'd say 3.5 to 4 miles.  Had a good pace, a little cool weather wise.  Felt strong, got a good workout.  Really enjoyed it.  I didn't want to do it all b/c I was tired and wore out.  But happy I did it.  Good for the mind.

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Ok I have been hesitant to list out my workouts because they aren't golf specific anymore.  I switched over to strict KettleBell program over 2 years ago, but now I have started incorporating a lot more X fit into it. I just try to stretch A LOT with heavy focus on golf problem areas.  I converted 2 bays of the garage into a full blow gym.  Lot's of mirrors and makes for good slow motion golf swings, but no net to hit balls.  Concept 2 rowing machine is the only piece of equipment I have outside of a pile of KB going from 20 to 80 with doubles of all bells.

Just going to list out this weeks workouts and then go from there.  I stick to M-W-F and then just do small stuff in between (row 1500 m and pull ups with stretching for ex)

M - warm up and joint mobility

Then 25 min kettle flows, don't set bell down and do as many rounds as possible (amrap)

5 swings R

5 squats R

5 Snatches R

1 TGD (Turkish get down)

repeat on the left then,

10 Pullover situps.


For time, so chip away and go as fast as possible and keep a record of your time

50 Pushups

50 Dbl Deadlifts (80lb kb)

50 pull ups

50 High pulls (80 lb kb)

50 kickouts (think burbees here)

600 M (run or row)

Finished in 21:50.  too cold to run outside, going to opt for row next time.

For Friday

Lift as heavy as possible so finishing last set is almost impossible

10 American Swings ( 4 sets)

3 Pistols R+L ( 4 sets )

5 strict Press R+L (4 sets )

Dbl squats (until I can't complete one in good form)

5 High Pulls R+L ( 4 sets )

15 Knees to Elbow hanging from pull up bar ( 4 sets )

Farmers walk with 80's, got a 25 ft length laid out, just laps back and forth.


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Have been travelling a lot for work (to the point of having an apartment in NE Ohio) and have been nursing a sore knee/hip since last February (C&B; on an 18 mile trail run in the snow - stupid).  Meant that a) was eating too much and b) not working out enough.  But starting to get serious about getting back into shape so have done the following:

Sunday - 28 mile bike ride, 150 pushups, 100 dips

Monday - Easy 3 mile run, 150 pushups, 100 dips

Tuesday - 30 min on Elliptical, 150 pushups, 100 dips

Wednesday - 4 mile easy run, pushups and dips

Thursday - Weight circuit training (and yeah, pushups and dips)

Weather may not be good tomorrow - was hoping for another run but may have to settle for something indoors.

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Week 2, Day 3 of C25K.

Shorts and two things on top. Knit cap. New Sony IEM headphones (really block out the noise, but at the same time I can hear them jostle slightly with each step). I feel like my pacing was really good today. I pushed myself just enough that I was well recovered after 90 seconds of talking. I probably could have walked faster to keep up pace. After the 20 minutes of Couch to 5K I added another 90 second run to get me back to my house, hence, this time (23:00 and 2.33 miles) is the most legitimate of the bunch. It's not a guess like the others. ;-)

I had the GPS on most of the time this time. It seems that I run at about an 8:15 pace (8:15/mile) and walk at about 13:00. I suppose that makes me a fast walker - I've heard the average pace is 3 MPH. That's north of 4.

DailyMile post: http://www.dailymile.com/people/iacas/entries/11065678

RunKeeper post:  http://runkeeper.com/user/iacas/activity/60452871

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Ran 1.5 miles at a pace of around 7-8 min/mile. WAY too fast (I honestly didn't know I could go that fast, bad idea), especially since I was going up and down hills. Boy am I out of shape, even for me. It feels like I jumped off a building, ripped out my lungs, and used them to cushion my fall. Baby steps.
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    • Correct. The R10 is much closer to the Mevo, not the Mevo+. Yeah. 😄
    • At $300 and requiring only 3’ for a radar unit, I don’t think it’s going to be very accurate. So no, it’s not going be dominating the Mevo market anytime soon. There are those of us who didn’t get the Garmin R10 at a fraction of the price of a Mevo+ (and Pro package) because of questionable accuracy. Hell, the gifs on their site show people “playing” the simulator without even hitting a ball. It’s basically a video game at that point.
    • Yet another question about the technology for filming a swing. I read Erik's updated "Filming your Swing" blog post as part of researching my next phone purchase. My current phone, which is on its last legs, was able to record video up to 1080p at up to 120 fps (Pixel 3XL).  However, that camera isn't great at the moment (various reasons unrelated to its specifications) and I'm going to get a new device soon, too.  Its likely successor for me is only able to do 30fps at 1080p, so that won't work for filming a golf swing.  It can do 720p @ 480 fps though (device I'm likely to get is a Galaxy A42).  Will that work for this?  I realize the post says "at least 720p video," but I don't know if I should shoot for better than that (such as if it is expected to be outdated soon).  It also seems odd to me that a camera could do only 30fps at 1080p but 480 fps at 720p, but I know almost nothing about these things. I am also debating getting a separate camera for golf swings if this won't work;  my prior separate-camera is a Canon PowerShot ELPH 110.  I believe it tops out at 720p / 30 fps;  if there's a reasonably priced camera that works for my golf swing filming, I'd be happy to get that and not sweat the camera on the phone. Other than filming my golf swing, my phone is pretty much a communication device and podcast player, so I'm not going higher end except if doing so is the most effective way to get a good camera for my golf swing. (Apologies if this should have been a separate thread, but I figured it was on-topic here and I didn't think there was another forum than Member Swings where this would be an appropriate top-level post)
    • Day 127: Played 18 this morning. Tried to simplify the mechanics of my priority piece (which is two things) into a feel but didn’t work great, so just settled on on of them after a few holes. Played okay except for a dumb triple bogey on #12.
    • I got my first round in. I haven't used Game Golf in so long, I got out of the habit of tagging. Missed a few shots on the course, though it was pretty easy to edit in on my computer. Like @iacas, I also felt the editor was just okay. I didn't have an issue with the map size, but I found scrolling up and down a lot a bit tedious. I had to mess around with adding shots and penalties, though, so I had to spend more time editing off the map. The penalty functions weren't very intuitive. They seem to add an additional "dead shot" (does not appear to track the distance for your stats) for counting purposes as well as a penalty stroke. The lost ball one makes sense, as it gives you a marker with an X on it so you can mark off where you hit the ball that was lost, then your next shot is from where you played your last stroke to where you play your next one. But the drop ball function seems to work the exact same way, which doesn't make sense. If I hit into a penalty area I'm likely not taking S&D, so in order to make it work score-wise, I ended up just deleting the original tracked shot. I don't know if I'm doing that correctly. I didn't like tagging on my belt the way I used Game Golf. As Erik mentioned, the vibration is subtle and it doesn't beep. I often didn't know if it registered. Also the Game Golf unit was angled so you can tag the club hanging down at your side naturally. Tagging the Shot Scope requires bringing the club perpendicular to the ground. It's awkward and I almost hit a playing partner today while tagging a putt because he was walking past me and didn't expect me to bring the club up like that. Next time I'm going to try wearing the unit on my left like I do my Garmin and tagging by bringing the unit to the club. I might even stop using the Garmin if the GPS on the H4 is good enough. Didn't get a chance to compare today because I forgot my Garmin. I didn't know there was a pin marker function. I'm going to have to try that next time. So far I like the data it presents. It seems more detailed than Game Golf. I'll form a more complete opinion of it as I play more rounds.
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