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My Swing (bshalcomb)

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I've been Playing Golf for: 6 years, just came back from a 2 year hiatus

My current handicap index or average score is: ~13

My typical ball flight is: Low with a slight fade

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Toe hits


I generally hit the ball relatively low with a good amount of spin.  I generally hit just a little bit of a fade, but sometimes I strike it well with a slight to moderate draw when I don't mean to.  A couple things I've worked on/fixed since this video was taken are keeping my head from coming down towards the ball, staying a little more back on my feet during my downswing, and the BIG ONE: not coming too far inside on the backswing.  My measurements are 2* upright and 1/4 inch long.  My 6 iron swing speed is 84 on a good, smooth, stock shot.  My misses are off of the toe, in which the ball has more or less the shape I wanted, but I lose ~15 yards and have no spin.  Not coming too far inside has seriously mitigated this issue and my toe hits only come on really wild swings now.  I'm a self-taught golfer with input on my swing from a few different people. This shot was hit with a Callaway X-Forged 6-iron standard length and lie, Project X 6.0 shaft, while I was on a break at work.  I currently play Toski T-54 musclebacks, Dynamic Gold S300 shafts (super forgiving for muscleback irons). If I remember correctly,  this shot had a 185 carry with about 2 yards of draw.


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    • My Edel Putter Fitting
      Because that would be hellishly expensive. And you shouldn't need to convince yourself 100% right now. The fitting will be illuminating.
    • Controlled wedge to green
      Ben is set up that way because because he has an awkard lie with the ball above his feet and on a downslope. You don't need to close your stance to hit a low spinner with a wedge.
    • My Swing (jcm288)
      Re: my fat shots, from looking at the videos, what jumps out at you as to what the likely culprit is? Or would you still fit them in with simply getting used to the motions? I've found that when I allow my arms to drop when transitioning to the downswing and allow my right elbow to get more in front, my contact is much improved and reduces mishits significantly.......however, in turn it pushes my path more inward and most shots are a straight fade. I've never made it a habit out of fear that it's not "correct". Just curious
    • Garmin S2 v G6/G8
      hi all, im currently using the s2 watch but attached to my bag, its pretty basic but gives me what i thought was enough info UNTIL i seen one of the new garmin devies. so what im asking is the upgrade worth it, i will be playing team golf next year so ill be play a good many new courses.
    • My Edel Putter Fitting
      I prefer the black finish as well but would be nervous for the same reasons that you were.  I was thinking that it wouldn't hurt to go verify the fitting after you get it to make sure it still fit your eye and alignment... I'm curious why they don't have the other finishes at the fitting to ensure a proper fit.  I love the idea of a black finish with white alignment aids - (at least I think it helps me lol).  ____ Different note.  After seeing so many well respected posters on here indicating how much they love their Edel putters, it makes me want to spend the time and money to go get fit.  Like many others, it seems that it would be a decent day of travel involved .  It would take a full day to get it done (which in the long run isn't that bad). I guess the scary part is feeling like I couldn't commit to being a stupid monkey and let the results speak for themselves during the fitting process.  I like mallet putters; I like alignment help; I like larger grips.   It's almost bad when you know what you like and you THINK you know what works best.  It's really hard to be a stupid monkey when you work hard to convince yourself that what your doing is right and you have committed to what your doing because you BELIEVE it works for you...  I would need to be open minded and accept the fitting process which I think I can do (eventually) but I'm not ready to accept that a blade style, one dot alignment, small round grip putter could actually be better for me.  Until I'm ready to accept that as possible, I can't commit to a fitting.  I need to be 100% committed to believing in the process. Putting is one of those things.  You have to find what works for you and have the confidence in it.  Results inspire confidence right?  ------  vs    I need to get out of my own way!!!!! 
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