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Help!! Went from shooting 88-92 to 112-116!

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I broke 90 a good amount of times last year but usually kept it low 90s. I have a terrible drive with a disgusting slice but my irons are decent and short game I would say is pretty amazing.... This year I can't do anything!! Driver goes about 175 yards 6i 130 and my P goes about 15 yards. Every single thing in my swing is messed up and never hit anything solid anymore!! I've been playing for almost 10 years now but about 2 years where I go more than 2 times a month. Never took lessons but finally bought a book to read. I'm desperate for help!

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Put your change in your left pocket. Go on, do it. Now, tie your left shoe in a double knot. Right now, do it! Turn the hat backwards. Turn your hat around. Do it, Roy! Take this tee and stick it behind your left ear. Good. Take this ball and hit it up the fairway.

Seriously though, post a video of your swing in the member swings section so some of the more knowledgeable people here can see where you're going wrong.


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Truzz22 you sound like me when I play at golf. I'm left handed. My drives barely go 200 yards (more like 170-185). My 6 iron goes 150 when I hit it properly. I haven't had a lesson. (Yet). And I am predisposed to slice. While a slice of pizza or pie or cake is awesome, it's not what I want in my attempts at golf.

I tamed my slice by doing 3 things.

#1. Adjusting my grip. Mvmac started a thread on proper grip and I followed the tips in there and my slice straightened out... mostly.

#2. I moved closer to the ball... when I swing I try to keep my arms touching my chest... this also helped tame my slice... mostly.

#3. I slowed my backswing and downswing and don't try to swing out of my shoes on the downswing. I'll try to work out getting some hip turn at the driving range because I'm mostly an arm swinger at the moment.

For the most part, this has straightened out my slice... now I'm able to play a slight fade... that usually lands just to the left of the center of the fairway. My drives may not go far but they're straighter than they used to be.

Now if only I could hit my long irons consistently and putt better, I'd be in great shape to break 100...


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    • do we really need fancy putters
      I guess this is where the old saying "never sell or give away a putter" comes from. If what you're using goes sour, you'll have something in your closet that will work!
    • What do you HATE the most about golf?
      Of course we don't hate golf overall, only on certain days. When you have a bad day, what do you hate most about golf? For me it's probably when starting the round off well, thinking "this is going to be a great round", only to hit a few shanks in a row and ruin everything. You get your hopes up, and then your hopes get crushed. So I guess how hard it is to get consistency in my shots. That's really what I hate about golf.
    • The Biggest Secret? SLIDE Your Hips
      I see this is an "oldie but goodie", and I certainly didn't want to wade through 46 pages of content. But just from reading the title of the thread, and this last page, I second that emotion. You have to slide your hips before you turn them! But, how much? I used to do a drill I called the "door jamb" drill. You would set up in an empty door jamb with the outside of your left foot, for a right hander, up against the jamb. You would mimic a swing, and, on the down swing, let your hips "slide" until your left hip hit the jamb. Only then would you start to turn your hips. This puts your left hip directly above your left foot. Thinking back, I used to play a lot of golf with a friend who moved West many years ago. Big guy, 6'4" and 220, but basically an arms and upper body swinger. He could still hit the ball long, but once in a while, by accident, he'd get his lower body involved and then he would crush it like Daly! Every time he did that I'd tease him by saying, "Yeah! You really got your big, fat, left ass cheek into that one, dintcha?!"
    • Reading Greens
      Speaking of stopping half way, I got some of my best reads today by walking halfway between the ball and hole and just taking a look. I was playing in an informal 2 man scramble with some buds for the grand prize of beers and dogs! On the very first hole, an easy par 5, we're putting for eagle. I putt first, and 3 feet from the hole we think the ball is in. A foot from the hole it breaks right and I graze the edge. I mark, and stand aside while my buddy putts. I'm about halfway and from there I can clearly see the subtle little mound in the green that the cup was cut in. You could not see it from behind the ball. Believe me, we checked! I've long been a proponent of letting my feet inform my brain, but if your eyes can't see everything then your feet can't feel everything. They have to work together to get the best read.
    • A Forum Just for Golfing?
      I'm not sure how this applies to my response?  I said if there were something free I'd use it vs build it and, if I wanted to build something just for the heck of it, I would expect that to be free or almost free as well.  This is true, is it not?  I don't consult on how to build internet forums . . . why would I know anything about what free forum software comes with hosting servers?  I assume there is some.  
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