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Help!! Went from shooting 88-92 to 112-116!

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I broke 90 a good amount of times last year but usually kept it low 90s. I have a terrible drive with a disgusting slice but my irons are decent and short game I would say is pretty amazing.... This year I can't do anything!! Driver goes about 175 yards 6i 130 and my P goes about 15 yards. Every single thing in my swing is messed up and never hit anything solid anymore!! I've been playing for almost 10 years now but about 2 years where I go more than 2 times a month. Never took lessons but finally bought a book to read. I'm desperate for help!

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Put your change in your left pocket. Go on, do it. Now, tie your left shoe in a double knot. Right now, do it! Turn the hat backwards. Turn your hat around. Do it, Roy! Take this tee and stick it behind your left ear. Good. Take this ball and hit it up the fairway.

Seriously though, post a video of your swing in the member swings section so some of the more knowledgeable people here can see where you're going wrong.


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Truzz22 you sound like me when I play at golf. I'm left handed. My drives barely go 200 yards (more like 170-185). My 6 iron goes 150 when I hit it properly. I haven't had a lesson. (Yet). And I am predisposed to slice. While a slice of pizza or pie or cake is awesome, it's not what I want in my attempts at golf.

I tamed my slice by doing 3 things.

#1. Adjusting my grip. Mvmac started a thread on proper grip and I followed the tips in there and my slice straightened out... mostly.

#2. I moved closer to the ball... when I swing I try to keep my arms touching my chest... this also helped tame my slice... mostly.

#3. I slowed my backswing and downswing and don't try to swing out of my shoes on the downswing. I'll try to work out getting some hip turn at the driving range because I'm mostly an arm swinger at the moment.

For the most part, this has straightened out my slice... now I'm able to play a slight fade... that usually lands just to the left of the center of the fairway. My drives may not go far but they're straighter than they used to be.

Now if only I could hit my long irons consistently and putt better, I'd be in great shape to break 100...


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    • I took a quick look at the beginning video before I purchased the GG, and ignored the "friendly hawker guy." After looking at the swingsetter ad, and speed stick -- the Gabe Golf Trainer is different. Leds doesn't really pause at the top with the swingsetter, the speed stick is a device for speed. With the GG Trainer, it's not about hearing the bearings snap at impact. You are getting better sequencing of the swing and tempo. Yes, you will have a long pause at the top using it, but with your regular club you will not pause  long - the objection to the long pause with the Trainer does not carry over to your regular club. Your lower body is working at the top, instead of the arms. If you go back too fast and incorrectly, you will know, if you do not sequence properly, you will know. For example. if you use your arms going back instead of the body, and the club gets stuck, I found the bearings will not go down the shaft. If you get too laid off, the bearings tend not to go down the shaft. If you grab the club and start down with your arms, you will hit dirt or mishit. If you sequence properly with the lower body - you will hit better shots. When you swing with your regular club, you will not pause -- it will look like a pause because your lower body is working and you are not grabbing the club from the top. As a result, the swing is not paused with your regular club, but the proper sequence is utilized. Good luck.
    • Lemme guess, you broke 80 yesterday?  And good luck earning a participation site badge (or an organizer badge). I'd imagine we've got quite a few folks in your area. I've done a couple meetups here with guys I met here, and it's definitely cool to be faces to the names and online personas.
    • Welcome! If you're looking for good instructional threads, here are a bunch to get you started:  To learn how things work around here, browse some of the stuff under "How To..." up at the top menu bar.  Mainly, just be a decent guy, chime in on stuff that interests you, and you'll be fine around here.
    • Hi all I was quite intrigued by the latest talk of sidesaddling so I tried it out. I struggled a bit with consistency so I tried sitting on my haunches with right hand near bottom of shaft and left on the grip. I was very surprised by my accuracy. Now I just want to know if this stance is legal. I can not find anything in the rulebook that forbids this. Anyone out tried this before?    
    • Hi everyone Golfnut here from South Africa. A struggling golfer who loves the game. 
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