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Sybervision Impact Zone DVD?

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Has anyone seen the new Bobby Clampett Sybervision Impact Zone DVD? It sounds like some good video footage would address some of the Impact Zone book's shortcomings.

But at $250, it had better be good. Any views would be appreciated.
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Re: Sybervision Impact Zone DVD?

I have the Impact Zone book and really liked it. I was looking forward to the DVD release, and was hoping it would be more of a standard instructional video showing the Impact Zone techniques. I'm not sure I buy into all the Sybervision memory imprint (or whatever it's called). To me there's a lot more golf items I can spend $250 which I would enjoy more. If it was $50 or less I would be much more inclined to buy it.
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Re: Sybervision Impact Zone DVD?

Nobody huh? Guess that's a scary price tag.
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Re: Sybervision Impact Zone DVD?

Well, I broke down and bought the DVD since I really enjoyed the book. I must say that listening to Bobby Clampett and seeing him demonstrate and explain the 5 fundamentals was well worth it. Parts of the book I couldn't fully appreciate from reading and imagining are cystal clear with the video, such as load and lag. Clampett not only demonstrates but he also shares some secrets of the swing that are worth the price of admission themselves. He really takes the time to explain how the body should move throughout the golf swing. Like many, golfers I suffered from an over the top move that produced a wicked slice or huge tail on the end of my shots. After reading the book, I improved. After watching the video, I've cured it. Now that I understand load, lag and body pivot and how they work together and what it looks like and should feel like, I'm feeling really good about my game and look forward to playing more. Now when I watch the pros I can clearly see the same moves in their swings that Clampett teaches in the video. The only part of the Sybervision system I'm not quite sure about yet is the muscle memory you get from watching the specially designed series of shots. The claim is that watching the video swings is akin to hours of perfect practice and builds muscle memory in your brain. That's a big claim. But with the improvement I'm experiencing, maybe that's working too. As for the price, I found it on Ebay. I had to keep checking back because there aren't many posted there. Good Luck and Hit'em Straight.
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Re: Sybervision Impact Zone DVD?

As the creator of the SyberVision system I would like to respond to a few items brought up about our new golf training system "The SyberVision Impact Zone Personal Golf mastery System."

First, the $250 price. Sounds ridiculously high for a DVD? We'e not offering just a DVD but a complete multi-media training system that guarantees a 50% or more reduction in handicap. If the customer doesn't benefit as promised, they can return the system for a full refund. You're not buying a "DVD" but a sophisticated proprietary training technology embedded on DVD, CD-ROM, etc.

We know that $250 is expensive in these economic times. But, golfers still pay $500 for a new driver or $800 for a set of irons? Why? Because there's a hope that the new clubs will reduce handicap. Have you ever heard of a club manufacturer who promises a 50% handicap reduction if you use their clubs? And, if you don't improve to that level, can you return the clubs for a full refund? No.

You see, we're actually competing dollar-wise with club manufacturers. But, with our training technology, we offer a money-back guarantee if the program doesn't work. We've been at this for almost 30 Years and have the lowest return rate (2%) in the entire direct marketing industry. Why? Because our program works for the vast majority of golfers. So, when compared to $500+ golf clubs, $250 is a great value. Remember, we're not selling just a DVD but a training technology and system embedded on a DVD--that promises at least a 50% reduction in handicap.

Visual Learning. It is common knowledge that we learn skills first visually. It has always been a question as to how this happens, how the brains converts and transforms visual images of motion into blueprints that guide our muscles.

Through our research at Stanford we were able to learn how this happens. The brains follows a precise mathematical algorithm (the Fourier Transform) to convert visual images into performance blueprints and memory. Through a special video-editing process we can present images of the perfect golf swing so that the brain interprets each incoming image as if the body had physically performed the action. The end result is the near equivalent of perfect physical practice.

If what we're saying is true, then we've got something very significant here. Perhaps, that's why Golf Magazine's Top 100 Instructors voted our first SyberVision training video (SyberVision Muscle memory Programming with Al Geiberger) as the best golf training video ever (along with our Bobby Jones Collection and Jack Nicklaus' "Golf my Way").

The Geiberger video has sold nearly 2 million copies since 1982 at $150 per program (about $300 in today's money) and that doesn't include sales of our Bobby Jones, Patty Sheehan, Hale Irwin (Difficult Shots) and Dave Stockton (Putting) programs.

We decided to do a new program because of the recent advances in super slow motion video technology, high-definition widescreen video plus Bobby Clampett's discovery of the Impact Zone. The new program simply introduces the golfer to the Impact Zone concept, teaches the five Impact Zone dynamics and then provides an advanced way to make those dynamics a swing habit.

Bobby teaches that for every 1 inch the average golfer can move his swing bottom (divot) closer to where the pro's impact the ball, the average golfer can expect a 4 stroke reduction of handicap. So, for example, if we can get the 100 golfer to move his swing bottom up only 5 inches (a distance a little longer than you index finger) he/she can instantly shave 20 strokes off their handicap! We've simply taken Bobby's discovery and put it into an accelerated learning system.

To watch a 7 minute video introduction go to http://www.sybervision.com/iz.html
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Re: Sybervision Impact Zone DVD?

Just ordered this morning. Bringing up an older thread wondering if anyone else has taken the plunge. Loved the book. Helped me more than any other. Buying the dvds was easy to justify. Anyone else used this program?

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Re: Sybervision Impact Zone DVD?

Originally Posted by Danattherock View Post
Just ordered this morning. Bringing up an older thread wondering if anyone else has taken the plunge. Loved the book. Helped me more than any other. Buying the dvds was easy to justify. Anyone else used this program?

I learned about the program from one of my BYU college professors. He told me it was developed by two BYU alumni, Bobby Clampett and Steve DeVore, the founder of SyberVision.

At first I balked about the $250 price. But my prof led me through the logic of asking me why I purchased golf clubs and got golf lessons--all to lower my score, right? He asked me how much I paid last year for my Callaway driver. $360. Did it improve my game? No. Was I able to return it because it was guaranteed? No. How much for golf lessons? $80 per hour. Did the lessons lower my score? No.

So I bought the program (www.GolfMuscleMemory.com) with the idea if I didn't improve, I would return it.

I used the program to train for a local men's league tournament. I trained with my best friend Chad for two weeks, following the program exactly --going through the clinic, working on the drills, reinforcing the fundamentals with visual learning (visualizing the fundamentals presented in the program after watching and then on the course) and setting new low scoring goals--breaking through old scoring barriers --the program teaches that 54 is obtainable (all birdies).

During that two weeks my friend went from shooting in the high 90's to scoring consistently in the high 70's --all he had to do was move his swing bottom up 4 inches--and everything took care of itself. For myself, I've got a 5 handicap so any improvement would make a huge difference..

On the day of the 9-hole tournament I broke a 40 year-old course record --shooting a 29. Chad shot a 36 and had a hole-in-one -- his first ever.

To me, the program was worth every cent. Both Chad and I have continued to play better than average golf. Basically, it's as simple as moving your swing bottom up a few inches. The program teaches that for every 1 inch you move your bottom forward, you lose 4 strokes off your handicap. it really works. The SyberVision part of the program is very effective in helping to internalize and ingrain the swing fundamentals.

I would highly recommend the program. Good investment especially during tough times.
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Re: Sybervision Impact Zone DVD?

Thanks for the lenghly reply. Been going through Bobby's book the last few days. Working on principles 1,2 and 3 of the 5. Hoping to hit the ground with my feet running when the DVD's get in this week. Can't wait to receive them.

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Re: Sybervision Impact Zone DVD?

There's some "weird' but understandable chemistry that's happening with the SyberVision Impact Zone Personal Golf Mastery System."

The day after Bobby Clampett first went through SyberVision's positive visual learning/reinforcement training watching the Al Geiberger video he shot a 27 (9 holes) on his home course in Carmel --the best ever score in his life (The round is realistically and artfully reenacted in the new computer/video-based training system).

A week after the System was released (May 2010) Bobby scored three holes-in-one in PGA Champions play and nearly won the second tour event in which he played. If was his first event in a few decades.

Then, a few weeks later, about 15 days after back surgery--having an opportunity to study the program while recovering, the SyberVision founder shot his first ever hole in one in a local men's league tournament.

Really no mystery here. The key is IMPACT, the impact fundamentals and making those fundamentals a dominant part of muscle memory through SyberVision's positive swing dynamics visual/video repetition.

What's at work on the muscle memory side is that neuroscience have recently discovered a set of neurons in the brain that fire when we make a perfect (biomechanically efficient) golf swing and those same neurons fire when we watch or imagine the same swing.

When the neurons fire, they send directive impulses to the muscles that guide the impact zone swing. The more these pathways are stimulated -- the more grooved the imapct zone fundamentals become and the more instinctive the impact zone swing becomes.

These neurons are very evident, for example, when you see someone get a flu shot (in person or on TV) and you, in turn, wince and feel a little queazy. Or, in another example, you imagine someone biting into a sour lemon, you will salivate as you experience the image. All mirror neurons. The same thing happens with watching or visualizing the perfect (fundamentally correct) golf swing.

The problem most people have had with swing visualization is that few have ever had the correct swing model to emulate. I'm not talking about visualizing and copying the swing styles of golfers (how they hold the club, their stance, how far they take it back, whether or not the swing is flat, etc, etc), but the dynamics they use to make impact. All great golfers have different swing styles but they all impact the swing the same way. If we can understand the simple impact dynamics, see them performed numerous times, then visualize ourselves performing them, then we're way ahead of the curve. That's what the System is ll about.

That's why we're going to hear a lot of great things about this brand new System in the future.
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Re: Sybervision Impact Zone DVD?

Just watched my the training CD-rom. Can't wait to watch the DVD's. Very nicely packaged product and I am impressed so far. Even in the start up CD-rom I have gained some insights that were not crystal clear after reading Bobby's book. Looking forward to the rest of the program.

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Re: Sybervision Impact Zone DVD?

Just saw DVD one with Bobby going through the 5 principles. So incredibly clear now what he was teaching in his book. I understand everything so much better now. Especially loading the lag and how to maintain it on the downswing. Also, the relationship the hips and a flat left wrist have to this. Waiting on the sun to come up. Will be at the range as soon as possible. This information is top shelf.

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Re: Sybervision Impact Zone DVD?

Danattherock, I understand that the dvd brought clarity to concepts from the book for you.

Would you say that the dvd alone would be enough for a newcomer like myself?
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Re: Sybervision Impact Zone DVD?

I am 37 years old and have been playing golf since I was about 18. Off and on of course, more time off than on. In the last year I have taken a more sincere interest in the game. Got tired of shooting in the 90's every single round. I wish I had known the rather basic principles of Bobby's book 20 years ago. My game would be totally different today had that been the case. Basically, I have been doing the wrong thing for 20 years. My understanding of the golf swing, particularly impact, was way off. I would suggest you read the book, "The Impact Zone" first. Practice and try to apply some learning from the book. There will be many by the way. After some success, perhaps a few weeks of practicing 2-3 times per week, I would consider buying the DVD's. They will make what you learned in the book much more clear. Especially loading the club, maintaining lag in the downswing, and impact/follow through. I do feel that reading the book first prepares one well for absorbing the info in the DVD's. I have a Tour Striker training club on the way as well as it works on the same principles of the book. Forces you to do things right from what I read. The combination of the book/dvds, Tour Striker, and range time is a recipe for success in my opinion. I plan to work hard on these very things this winter. Going from shooting in the 90's to the 70's in the same year is my goal. I feel it to be very realistic at this point.

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Re: Sybervision Impact Zone DVD?

Just got back from the range. Best practice session of my life!

All I hit was 7 iron and my only swing thought was creating and maintaining lag. Whip cracks, ball flies up into the pea soup fog here on Nantucket. Higher, further than I ever hit a 7 iron in my life. Can't see it land, but it is out there. I mean the ball took off like a rocket. Much more work to do, but the information on these DVD's is for real. Watched them one time, hit best iron shots in 20 years of playing golf. Coincidence? Nope.

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Re: Sybervision Impact Zone DVD?

Originally Posted by mattmc View Post

During that two weeks my friend went from shooting in the high 90's to scoring consistently in the high 70's


I believe that claim after what I saw today.

I saw the video one time last night and hit the longest 7 irons of my life this morning at the range. Does the memory bit work? Hell if I know. Saw that dvd one time after the main dvd where Bobby goes over the 5 principles. This is the part I wanted and how I justified the cost. It makes up about an hour and is well worth the cost of the program.

A very basic breakdown of the program for anyone interested...

Disk 1 is a CD-rom and has some BS on it, but some good info as well. This is in the box for folks that don't know anything about Bobby's book best I can tell. There is some very interesting interviews with Bobby at the end.

Disk 2 is the meat and potatoes. An introduction, overview of the 5 principles, then Bobby going through the five steps, maybe 10 minutes on each principle. Same principles from the book of course. Then after that are some basic drills to support each of the 5 principles. Easy stuff, it is not the drills that did it for me obviously. I have yet to do one. Seeing this info rather than reading about it made all the difference to me. It sank in very quickly from what I saw on the range this morning.

Disk 3 is the muscle memory bit, lots of super slow motion swings of Bobby from different angles. VERY high quality footage on both DVD's. All the clubs are hit from driver to putter. Then the perfect 9 holes and more visualization techniques. This is the part I thought was BS until today. Maybe I will watch it in the future with a more open mind.

Disk 4 is mental imagery and music type stuff. Have not took it out of the box yet, so don't know what it is to be honest. Maybe BS if I had to guess, but who knows.

All I know is this...

On the range today, I was not working, thinking, where does this go, how does this go.. ,etc.. I just stood there and sent the first ball out into the foggy there yonder. It was surreal. That is the word. Surreal. In conjunction with Jeff Evan's Pure Ball Striker, the Tour Striker training club, Bobby's book and DVD's, I have all ideas my scores will be in the 70's in coming months. Regularly watching the DVD's, reading the book again now that I understand the principles better, and 3 days a week at the driving range is all I got planned for the next 30 days. I am on to something good and I know it.

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Sybervision Impact Zone DVD?

Thanks for your review and feedback.

I'll follow your route and grab a copy of the book first.

The dvd looks like something to save up for or perhaps put on my Christmas list.
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Re: Sybervision Impact Zone DVD?

I think Im going to go ahead and purchase this for xmas but it would be great if someone posted a "before and after" video of their swing. If I do get it I'll do a before and after. From what I've read on this and other forums it sounds like a great product.
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*** BUMP*** I know I hate bring up old threads but I was really interested in this and was wondering if anyone has recently given it a try.
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