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Compressing the ball

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When I hear the phrase "compressing the ball," it conjures an image of the ball being squeezed between the club and the ground for an instant before it takes off into the air. Is that right?


I'm asking because that doesn't seem possible. If the energy of impact directed the ball toward the ground initially, where would the energy come from to reverse that initial direction of movement and send the ball into the air 160 yards, say, down the fairway? 


It seems the ball should get airborne immediately upon being contacted by the clubface. If that is indeed what happens, what does "compressing the ball" mean? What is it really describing?


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It is the ball itself warping on impact. 


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Originally Posted by xxsoultonesxx View Post

It is the ball itself warping on impact. 

That doesn't answer the question I think he's asking.


The answer to that question is "the ball is immediately sent upward." It is never "squeezed" or "compressed" against the ground - it's merely "compressed" against the clubface which, because it has loft, directs the ball upwards immediately.

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I thought that post #2 answered the question very nicely.  There is no other compression involved - well, other than of some grass/dirt as the divot is sent flying through the air in the case that a divot is taken. 

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I think the word "compress" is used because the force of the club compresses the material inside the golf ball. 

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The ball starts to go up immediately.  If you compressed the ball into the ground, you'd never get out of a bunker on a long bunker shot (when you need to hit the ball first)

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Compressing the ball refers more to the feeling you should have in your swing.  You should feel as if you where striking down at the ball, as if trying to pinch it or compress it against the ground.  


But the fact of the matter is that the ball never compresses the ground, rather, it rolls a few millimeters up the club face through the grooves while being compressed against the face of the club, then immediately leaving the face of the club up in the air.

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