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Titleist 712 MB fitting and Blades vs Cavity backs

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I just wanted to write up a quick review from a recent fitting I went through and to touch on a topic that is always coming up regarding blades vs cavity back irons.


I recently just went through a fitting for the new Titleist 712 MB irons. I spent a lot of time researching and hitting a variety of different irons trying to find the right fit for my game. I have for the most part always been an MC iron player, simply for the fact of extra forgiveness. While I was searching for a new set I tried the Titleist 712 CB, Taylormade MC & MB, Ping S56 & i20 and finally the Mizuno MP-69. I also tried a variety of different shafts ranging from the DG S300, Project X 6.0-6.5, FST KBS Tour S-X and finally the FST KBS C-Taper.


Not to drag this thread on and on, I will jump straight to the point. The biggest difference I noticed between the newly designed blades compared the MC iron, is that the forgiveness is so minimal but the workability is greater with a MB type iron. I found this to be pretty well the case between all the different brands I tried. I found a slightly higher ball flight with a MC, which is too be expected but I prefer a slightly more penetrating ball flight. Again by playing around with different shafts this would be pretty easy to adjust to your preference. I was presently surprised with how similar the different brands performed. For me, the look, finish and feel of the Titleist MB was the right choice for me. I found that I had more workability with a blade and with the new technology designed into blades I found that it was forgiving enough for my liking. I also found that I was able to work the ball from LR or RL a lot easier.

By playing with different shafts and weighting I found I was able to easily customize my desired ball flight. I ended up choosing the FST KBS Tour S simply because I preferred the 120g feel over the X 130g and compared to the KBS Taper or Project X 6.0, I found I was able to hit the ball slightly higher with a better ball flight.


I ended up with a new set of Titleist 712 MB 3-P with the FST KBS Tour shafts. These are by far the nicest irons I have hit to date. I would highly suggest to anyone who is looking at a new set of irons to choose a large variety and start hitting them. Also play with shaft selection because it can make a huge difference in the feel and flight you might be looking for. Also if you have been debating the idea of blades because you are not sure if you can handle the forgiveness factor, I would say that the forgiveness is just fine with the newer blades. Just get out there and give them a smack!


If you have any questions regarding any of those different irons or shafts just ask and I can let you know my opinion and what I noticed with them.

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Were did you go to find all those shaft selections, and clubs?

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through the club I play at and from our Mizuno rep.

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yea, i think the best place for me to get checked out for new clubs will be at a golf course that has a good pro shop...

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I am 14 years old and I hit the ball solid with my irons, about 90% of the time. Would you recommend the 712 mb irons from titleist? I would get a combo set where 6-PW would be MB and 4-5 the CB irons.

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Titleist player, as a pro in the UK I would advise against blending a set of cb and mob, the reason for this is the mob head is lower spinning so the launch angle is lower than cb and so is spin rate therefore effectively you could have some very different ball flights. Cb's would be a good choice, I play them and they are a really great product!!
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to the OP...


i was just fitted and ordered the exact setup you did... KBS tour stiff shafts with 4-pw 712MB's (+1/2" 3* upright) and gained yardage, workability and accuracy over the original AP1's i was gaming with DGR300HL shafts in them. after hitting the MB's on the range the past few weeks i can say now that im very much looking forward to this upcoming golf season more than any other of recent memory. i have nearly revamped my entire bag this winter changing every club but my 3wood, 52* wedge and scotty cameron putter ( however i purchased 2 other scotty camerons off ebay, i modded my 52* to a 51* and im considering trading in my 15* 910f for a 15* 913fd. anyways good luck with the new sticks and score low!

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where did you go to get fitted ?

i have a few questions

maybe we could chat by text or email




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I hadn't seen the reply to this thread previously. I'll be glad to answer any questions you have!

I was fitted at northway8golf.com. launch monitor analysis with everything I did.
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If you like theTitleist Mb 712 and 714 you will also like the Nike.. Regarding the shafts I think that flex and weight feel in the hands is the most important. Also a heavier shaft does not always make the feel of a heavier swingweight.The KBS tour are nice shafts and also the c taper. When I got fitted with new blades I choose Nike because I had some contacts to get them forged same place as the tour blades, did not have this with Titleist, booth of these blades where really amazing.. What was really funny was the shafts I eneded up with. Many years ago I played the #s300 and s400.. The last 10 years I have been playing Project x 5.5, 6.0 and 6.5, and have alvso liked this shaft and always used them. The big wow was the feeling and I tryed the dg x-100, this is really an amazing shafts with I have forgotten trught this years. I will NEVER go back to px, hooked for live with new setup on Nike Pro Blades with x100 shafts! The ballstrike is a little bit softer,and lower, more feal better spin and of course cheaper shaft! Do not know why I have played the px for all year's not tryning old school shafts from TT Dynamic Gold x100...

Mid lauch shafts

PX. 6.0.plays 6.5 in stiffnes
Px. 6.5 plays 7.0.in stifness

Low launch X100 plays 6.8 i stifness

High launch shaft
Kbs Tour S plays 6.0
Kbs Tour S+ plays 6.5
Kbs Tour X plays 7

I think the 712 with your shafts is good deal, if you enjoy a little higher ballflight :)

How do you thin the c taper xtra stiff where?
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I own a set of 712MB's with the KBS Tour Stiff shafts and also have a set of the new Nike VRPro blades with ProjectX 6.0 shafts soft stepped 1x. Both sets are works of art. I love both sets and I wouldn't care which I played.
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