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Sweaty Hands

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What is the best way to prevent soaking my gloves after only 9 holes on a hot day? I usually go through 2 pair per round at least. Pairs of gloves are not cheap either so I'd like a "cure" rather than buying 4 $20 gloves to make it through the round.

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Do I understand right, you're wearing gloves on both hands?

Regardless, take it/them off after every shot. Even in the heat and humidity of summer in FL, I finish with the same glove. I do carry at least one spare just in case, but seldom need it. I also don't chip or putt with a glove......
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When I wore a glove in the summer circa '92, I would use 2 or 3 and rotate them and hang them from the cart or off my bag to dry That summer, I ditched the gloves for a medium sized towel with 1/4 of it wet. I would wipe my hands and grip with the wet side and then dry. I have been doing it ever since.
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jmorg 19 -  Have you tried http://www.gorillagold.com/golf.htm?

Supposed to be very good.

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Yep. Gloves on both hands. I usually put them on and don't take them off until they are soaked. I'll start taking them off to see how that helps. I only wear them because of my baseball style grip. That gorilla gold stuff looks great for my grips. They are almost useless when they get wet. 

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I too suffered from failure to secure adequate grip, particularly when playing in overseas longdrive competitions where the humidity level was crushing. Subsequently I experimented for several years using all manner of gloves, grips, and materials. I needed to be able to hold onto the grip as lightly as possible in order to have soft hands / loose muscles / fast muscles.


Before I eventually discovered top materials I used copious amounts of rosin powder applied to the grip. As a former tenpin bowling player I knew that such could be sourced from most tenpin pro. shops.


My final formula is to use Iomic 'Sticky' grips in as large a size as one can handle. It is essential to buy the 'Sticky' model as their other models give far less traction. A jumbo size has recently been released.


I tried over forty different types of gloves. Nothing comes close to the 'Hirzl' brand both for traction and for long wear qualities. They have a kangaroo skin palm and a large area of aerated material on the back of the glove. Absolutely outstanding.  A glove of this quality used to cost around £75. (U.K. pounds). Nowadays they are around £23.


Hope that helps.    

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I suffer damp hand too, I find golf pride new decade compound grips and/or use a wet weather glove, apparently the wetter they get the stickier they become...

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Has anyone tried Gorilla Gold?  I've heard good things about it, but never used the stuff... yet.

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