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Nike Vapor Black underrated???

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Each year I seem to fall into my annual process of testing the newest mid-level balls (approximately $20-35) to find my "gamer" for that year.  This year was no exception.  At this point my wallet and handicap don't call for a tour ball and I can't seem to put them in the fairway to begin with.  This Spring, based on reviews, I decided to buy and test the Top Flite Gamer, Bridgestone e6, Srixon Q-Star, and Nike Vapor Blacks. 


All are obviously great balls although I didn't like the feel of the Q-Star at all.  The Bridgestone was incredibly straight but when I wanted/need to work the ball it all fell apart for me.  I either couldn't get ball to draw at all or I would hook it OB.  There was no happy medium for me.  


My best results came from the Gamers and the Vapor Blacks.  Both balls were equally long and extrememly straight.  The Vapors allowed me to work the ball a little more while the Gamers had a little more spin around the greens.  I'd play either of these balls anytime without any hesitation whatsoever.  My question is whether others have had comparable experiences with the Nikes?  The Gamers get a lot of pub as being one of the best, affordable balls out there while the Nike Vapor Blacks seem to be a little overlooked.  Thoughts?

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Although I don't play at the same level as you, for the mid range balls, I think the vapor black is excellent. I tried out a dozen 2 months ago when I ran out of my usual balls and although I can work the ball like you are talking about yet, the feel of them off the irons was great, distance was exceptional for me, and when I did get a good wedge on them to the green, they stopped decently for me. The only thing I didn't like about them was they were soft off the putter for me. The NXT Tour S jumps off the putter for me as does the Pro V1 if I play them on a whim but the Nike was slower so that part threw my game off a bit. 

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It`s funny but I found one of these on the third hole last week. I threw it in my pocket and didnt think about it until a few holes later when I wanted a throw away for a water hole . I ended up playing it for the rest of the day and was quite happy with it`s performance all over . I am going to purchase some today and make the switch

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Glad to see I'm not the only one.  The Vaprs don't seem to get the same amount of hype as the Gamers, Srixons, or Bridgestones but they feel great and they're just a great ball all-around.  And the fact that Dick's usually has them on sale for $20 a dozen doesn't hurt either. 

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Hmm.. maybe this should be my new ball... so far every nike I've hit I've hated.

Mojos were good way back when.
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Ive tired the Vapor Black and IMO its nothing to get excited about.  Id compare it to a Bstone E6 or Titleist NXT.  Decent ball for the price but too low-spin for my liking.

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I just bought 2 dozen of these for the upcoming season. Never used them before. I am anxious to try a new ball as I have never really loved the current ball(Srixon q star) I used all of last year. Any updates from the other posters since you played them last season? Thanks
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