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End of Season mark-downs?

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Good afternoon all,

This was my first summer playing and since I'm pretty much addicted to the game I thought I'd look to upgrade from the hand-me-downs I'm currently using.  I made it from Mid-60's to Low 50's with those things.


I'm not very familiar with the "Season" of golf.  I'm told you can play as long as there isn't snow on the ground, haha.


From a marketing standpoint, I'm guessing early spring - mid fall would be the season?


Based on this timeframe, should I expect to see deals around Christmas or leading up to Christmas on golf sets, irons specifically.


I'm leaning towards the Taylormade Burners 2.0 for $399 new, however, I've located a set on CL for $200 with only a few rounds played and they look like they're in very good/little used condition.


The new clubs I can use gift cards versus paying cash.  I'd prefer to use the GC's, but $200 is a substantial savings.


Experienced buyers wanted!



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Pay cash and use the GC's for other goodies.  Win-win.

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I would highly recommend you at least try the clubs on CL at a range. Maybe ask to meet at a local course, and see if you can hit them as well or better than your current irons. If you buy in-store, make sure to compare on the launch monitor against your own irons, not just against your current numbers (launch monitors at stores tend to add a few yards of distance). Just remember that you will still need balls, gloves, and spikes for your shoes that the gift cards can be used for as well.

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Get the ones off Craig list.  use the gift cards for balls, gloves maybe a spiffy orange Puma HAt.

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Thanks for the replies.


I bought the set off CL; it was going to be hard to pass up.  The guy went to Hilton Head with his family and left his clubs.  So in order to play, he bought a new set while there.  The set included:

     TPX 10.5 Powerbilt Driver with an OptiFlex shaft

     TM Burners 4-PW

     Cleveland 56* CG14

     Warrior 60*

     Odyssey White Hot #1

     Orlimar 10 section walking bag with cover

     ~30 Pro V1 / Penta balls


I had been looking at the Burner 2.0's.  However, seeing this setup, I went for it.  I was able to go to range and overall liked the setup.  I'll be using the GC's for some training aids for around the house.  Putting/chipping mat for one.



I had demoed the TM Burner 2.0's as well as a few other sets.  This was the reason I felt comfortable with purchasing the regular Burners.  The 2.0's, I gained about 25-30 yards over my original set (15 yr old Ping knock-offs, cut down 1/2").  I'd like to get on a monitor with these and see how I'm hitting them to compare.  I do know at the range, I have a slow fade with the mid/long irons.  The short irons were mostly straight.


I don't know much about the driver.  I have to do some reading on the OptiFlex shaft?  I was using a 9.5* R Flex R5.

I guess I did ok for $200.



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Originally Posted by JShelb View Post

I guess I did ok for $200.

If you got all those clubs for 200, you did really well. There's a lot of value there, especially if it's a significant upgrade. Well done!

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