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Indoor putting greens

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Looking at setting up a putting green in my basement this year...  Does anyone have any experience with "proputt systems" turf?  It's a branch of east coast turf, which supplies very nice turf matt material to ranges and clubs...


There's a bunch of options out there, from BirdieBall styrofoam




to a $12,000 "dream green"




Some are low-profile, where you use impact-absorbing cup pins to slow the ball down,




And others are built up platforms that allow the ball to actually "fall down" into the cup




I'm looking at the ProPutt system, because you can easily add an extra 2 or 4 feet in length, it uses a platform, and the actual turf quality is highly reviewed.  But, it's quite pricey, and I'm not sure the extra money is justified.  IMO, the two platform systems seem the most realistic... But, I'm curious if any sandtrappers have firsthand experience with it.




Thanks in advance for any advice!

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That is from this site and has worked great for me

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I posted a review of the BirdieBall, feel free to PM me if you have any other questions.



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I looked at many before buying the BirdieBall. In the end I must say I sacrificed looks and durability for feel. It's not real durable, not a problem if you're careful with it, and it's not attractive. But it feels more like a real green than anything else I tried. It's worth the small charge to buy the double thick version, which is really just one on top of another that wasn't suitable for sale. Not only improves feel but makes it softer and more grass like and the cups are deeper. My basement is pretty big. With the 18x4 mat I can practice chipping as well as putting.


One of the best features, which is no doubt accidental is the mat follows the contours of the surface it's placed on with a little exaggeration. My basement isn't perfectly level and it is unfinished. Where the concrete seams are result in contours in the mat. Simply placing a something thin underneath it, I use layers of cardboard because it can be cut to shape, and you create realistic breaks and slight hills. I use it as much for distance control practice as I do putting to a cup.

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I've tried Truline Greens but did not like the slight incline towards the hole..  I enjoy the birdie ball green too.  It's not the best looking green but it does the job and you can customize alot.

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Originally Posted by jlh1508 View Post



That is from this site and has worked great for me


I did this, it is cheap and works great. 

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I was completely underwhelmed with the Birdieball putting green. It is "green", but it looks like packing foam and is overpriced for what you get. If you are looking for a putting green, you may not be pleased with it. I sent mine back...cheap looking foam product.
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