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Woo! New Clubs! Adams a5OS Hybrid/Irons Set

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Been a while since I've been able to get myself a birthday present, and so I did this past weekend.

I shopped around for hybrid iron sets, and the a5OS seemed like the best combination of most forgiving to my swing as WELL as my wallet. $200 took 'em away with the help of a coupon.

I most like the fact that this set goes full hybrid to the 5. I'm still just not that comfortable hitting a 5-iron at this point in my life, so that'll help big time. Furthermore, the 6 and 7 are what you might call "semi-hybrids," though they much more resemble a standard cavity-back iron than a hybrid. The 8-PW are good ol' fashioned cavity back irons.

Really handsome set., so it appears...

Most importantly, I really, REALLY liked them at the range, especially all three hybrids.  we'll see how they fare on the course when all the snow melts (perhaps next week?)


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There's no info page on the Adams site, but Dick's has a little blurb here...


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awesome, it's always fun to get new clubs. hope youlike them!
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Awesome, I hope you like them. I will never forget the first time I hit the original Adams Tight Lies fairway wood many years ago, that was a great club. 

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Thank you for the good wishes. Unfortunately, the nasty weather (expected in Connecticut), plus the fact that I just had a minor knee surgery, will keep me from using them on the course for a little while...

That's alright. All the more to look forward to come March or so.

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HaHAH! March has come! And I found an open course in Central Connecticut!

What a joy it is to finally have a cohesive set of golf clubs, and not one desperately cobbled together from various unsavory sources...

The A5OS gave an absolutely superb performance today, especially those three lovely matching hybrids.


The skinny...


Ease of Use: Pie. No true mishits out there today. The only bad shots occurred when I was screwing up; certainly wasn't the clubs.

Distance: Impressive through the cold winter air. I never went a club up to compensate for the temperatures. Perhaps this means even more distance when summer comes around?

Look: Black top and satin silver face on the hybrids. Standard satin finish on all the other clubs. Simple and classic. You may be turned off by the yellow theme of the shafts, soles, cavity-backs, and clubhead covers... but I'm not, I find it to be a handsome looking set of sticks.

Spin: Yeah, I can spin 'em some... I even got one to stick with the 5-hybrid and enough air under it. I'm sure they're no Cleveland CG-16s, but I do like the green action from the lower clubs... when I make good contact anyway....

Can't argue with the result. 86 (Par 70), best round ever... in MARCH.

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Sounds great.  Now you have me interested.  I was looking at the Adams Tight lies plus....clearance at Dicks for $299. 


Are these better recommended for a new golfer and for a returning player after 15 years away? 


Compare these hybrid iron sets to the tight lies that has tradition irons with 2 hybrids?  Pros and cons of each.


Thanks much!

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Well, I'm sure you'd be happy with the tight lies set too, but I think the a5OS is a step up... I think it's a set that will overall just help you get the ball in the air a bit easier. Of course, this is just a set of hybrid irons... you'd have to add your own driver/woods/wedges/putter as I have done... so you might wind up spending a bit more in the end if you go the a5OS route.

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Sounds like a nice club. I have a sneaking suspicion this are a limit production run made for the big box stores, rather than a part of the mainstream Adams line up. They did a similar thing with the A4r line of clubs- a cast version of their very popular forged iron set a couple of years ago. That club was a real sleeper and got quite a lot of respect on the  boards for a great product for very little $$$


A few other OEMs have done the same thing over the years, recently their has been a Nike Ignite II or the like and Taylor Made pushed out the R5 XL a few years back.


Enjoy you new goodies

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Thanks Moz, I am enjoying them... still hitting in the 89-94 range since that miracle 86 a month ago.

Yeah, you can only get these at the big box stores as far as I know. But that's fine with me. As you might be able to imply from my profile picture, golf is my second sport, and the first one takes a LOT of my dough!

I added it up, and there's about $450 in my bag. I know you can spend a lot more, but right now, that's enough for me :).

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I am interested in what you think about your wedges. In particular what shafts did they come with and how durable is the club face? Other observations?



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I found this: http://www.adamsgolf.com/products/shortgame/watson_2012_classic.php#


but some other places say true temper shafts.

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Thank you for your interest, thanw.

First and foremost, it's hard to argue with the value. I think I wound up paying $85 for the set, which almost makes it a no-brainer if price is one of your concerns. If you look around enough, I'm sure you can find the set for a similar price.

My clubs are in the car right now, but going by memory, I don't think the shafts actually say "True Temper" on them. But hey, they're professionaly built golf clubs like any other. They're actually now the oldest three clubs in my bag, and they've held up quite nicely. I'm a fifth season golfer, and I can get some decent backspin and height with them. I don't think I can spin a ball backwards, but that's probaby just me, not the clubs.

I use the lob wedge (60-degree) as my chipper now, which works out well.

Integration with the rest of my clubs is good too. My cavity-back PW goes about 95, and these clubs go about 80, 65, 50 for me, respectively.

Hope this information helps,


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I agree, the Adams a5os are GREAT irons.
I bought a set last October at local Dicks in Schaumburg, IL. I played with 3 times in 2012 before the winter and they performed amazing. Very easy to hit and incredible distance. In February of 2013 I went and got fitted for a set of Mizunos JPX 800 HD. The fitting was done at one of the best golf academies in the Chicagoland area; everything was custom; shafts, grips, lie angle, the fitting lasted 2 hours.
After practicing with the Mizunos for almost 2 months , I can tell you that since beginning of April I am back with the Adams a5os and what a difference in performance ; these clubs are amazing.
I played 2 rounds this week ; the first round was 87 and the second round was 89. The 3 hybrid and the 6 iron are just amazing.
Great clubs in my opinion.
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Excellent, rct25. Seems like you and I are of similar ability levels; I suppose it's no accident that we're both really enjoying the same set of hybrids and irons.

Speaking of fitting, I was actually considering taking all my clubs to Dick's and getting them fitted. Am I crazy for wanting to do that? Mind you I'm short (5'6") with long arms for my height; standard really isn't an appropriate size for me.

I've been told that once one starts hitting around 90-ish, they can start to benefit from fitted clubs. I know it's not an expensive set, but $80 to fit a decent set of clubs to my liking? I don't think it's a bad idea...

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I have the a70s set.  I love it.  The 4 and 5 hybrids are so easy to hit it is ridiculous (although I find them almost impossible to fade/slice, but as long as you know it won't do it, you are fine).  My buddies who play with 4 and 5 irons are always struggling on the long par 3s, but I hit solidly and catch the green with the high ball flights of these hybrids.  I'm not too vain to play a 4 or 5 hybrid.

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@ thanw  I think I am now on my third iteration of Watson Wedges. They are fine for me and hold up pretty well. I just can never get to ponying up $100 x 3 for wedges when these things just plain work for me at 1/3 the cost of other OEM wedges.   


@ walk the course. I am also on my second set of Adams irons- a2's and for a few years now the standard a7's. Very hard to beat in terms of value for money the a7 were only about $400 a couple of months after they came out, which included two very good hybrids. Most other OEM you are paying $600+ without hybrids, so for me it was a no-brainer. It seems a shame that they seem to have gone away from a mainstream hybrid GI set in their line up. Its either players GI with no hybrids or SGI to the max with 4 hybrids+

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I play the A5OS irons and found them to be a really great club for a lot less than I thought. I was playing the TM Burner 2.0 and the Adams are better feeling, more accurate and almost as long. I called the Adams site and a rep there told me the gold graphite shafts were made for Adams by Grafalloy. I highly recommend these irons and I almost forgot this set comes with the #3, #4  and #5 hybrids which are the #1 hybrids on tour. Hit them and you know why. 

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