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Removing old grip tape

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I'm in the process of regriping my clubs.  First time I've tried it. So far, so good.  I have been very careful to remove all of the

old grip tape residue before installing the new tape and grips.  My questions is, how necessary is it to remove every speck of

of the old tape residue?  I watched a person at the local golf store regrip a couple of clubs and he didn't seem too concerned

about leaving some residue on the shaft (didn't mind me watching, but wasn't willing to answer questions). It seems to me though, the cleaner, the better.  Also, is grip tape solvent the best thing to remove the residue or is there something better?

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I use a heat gun to get the old tape off.  Works quick, easy and not messy like solvent.  Then again, I don't use solvent to put the grips on.  I'm an "air compressor" kinda guy.


Enjoy.  Re-gripping is a skill most people should be able to master if they play golf.  It's pretty simple.

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IMHO, the residue doesn't matter.  When I change out grips all I am trying to do is get all of the old tape off, so I don't have any "lumps" in my grips and I'm not even sure that is a big deal.  Every driver I have owned, when I pulled the original grip, had a sticker of some kind under the grip.  Not like this is a scientific statement, but I don't think the residue would have any effect on the ability of the tape to stick to the shaft or the grip to stick to the tape.

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When I used to do the traditional solvent/tape method (now a PURE grip user) I always removed all the old tape, residue, etc.  But I think that was more of me being anal about it.  Like lumpuckeroo said, as long as it isn't "lumpy" I think you're fine.  


It's funny though; before PURE grips it was a time consuming job that took me about two hours-again because I was anal about it and wanted every speck of tape and residue off there.  Last time I changed my grips it took me 20 minutes switching from one color PURE to another.

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Use mineral spirits and a paper towel, unless its really old it comes off easily enough to not worry.  Mineral Spirits is cheap enough.

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Thanks for the input.  Got them done and turned out great.

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