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Engineering Project

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I am an avid golfer and a high interest in engineering. My high school senior design project is to make a hand held electronic golf club scrubber, making it easy and painless to get the dirt out of grooves right after every shot. I've selected a few items for my prototype like a mini cordless drill and some soft brushes with bristles. Do you guys have any ideas? I am open to anything. I thought it would be a great idea to share my project on this forum and get anyone's feedback.

Thank you very much for your help.


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Electric Toothbrush

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Originally Posted by saevel25 View Post

Electric Toothbrush


Yep, and add bronze bristles that won't scratch the steel clubface......

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Design an ultrasonic device - handheld version. In Germany I used to place my entire set of clubs in a device and the device would somehow shake the dirt off - also had h20 and soap in it to help dislodge the dirt from the grooves.


Unfortunately the set that I owned at the time (Cobras) had a plastic vibration absorbing part dislodged off of the cavity back. Thankfully Cobra sent me a new one.



Looks like they use one for denture cleaning....


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Consider product safety. It wouldn't  do to have the device fling debris in the user's face. Just saying. I use my little Dremel a lot and  the carbide cutting disks always fly apart on me and bounce off my safety glasses..


Hmm, who is going to wear safety glasses when cleaning golf clubs with an electric whizmo. You will have to put a shield around the brushes.

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