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Open clubface

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Well i played my first round of the year yesterday

And the first issue i had was with the irons sliding under the ball with an open face causing very high shots tailing off to the right, loss of distance was a killer, but i shortened my follow through and focused on hitting down and i fixed it,

But with my driver i cant do that else ill take a divot which is stupid

The odd thing is if i set the clubface left, feet either straight or slightly right, and just swing nice n slow, i get a really nice ping sound and decent distance nice straight shot with either a slight fade or draw

Could this setup actually be quite good and its just my perspective that makes it look criss crossed??

I cant seem to square the face otherwise
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Another thing i noticed is i setup, take my grip, the clubface is square

But as soon as i relax my arms and wrists they just sorta drop and spin to the right leaving the clubface wide open,

And when i slow practice swing i can easily see that on the downswing once i return to adress position my wrists are rolled back and clubface is wide open

I dont get it :s
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