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My Swing (Scojitsu)

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New guy here, although I have been browsing the forums for a good number of years. It's only now I've decided to take a more logical step in trying to improve my swing. I think a lot about my golf swing, every single day I'll think about certain things whether it my grip, posture or follow through until my head is sore!


After seeing my swing on camera, it's been quite a sobering experience. It doesn't feel like it looks. 

One of things I have noticed is my position after the take away and at the top of the backswing. I lose a lot of height and almost do a little squat like move away from the ball!

Ideally I'd like to be more centred over the ball and it will be something I'll work hard on in the coming season.


I hope to use this thread for my own improvement by uploading more swing videos as I hopefully improve. 

I should have a down the line clip from this very swing very soon and I'll upload it accordingly.



Anything you'd like to pass on, tips, criticism, advice, swing thoughts, anything at all would be greatly appreciated!





I've been Playing Golf for:​ 5 years

My current handicap index or average score is: 8

My typical ball flight is: Draw

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Hook




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Welcome to TST, hope you contribute in other areas as well.


The only thing I would say right now is at the top of your back swing your head moves about 3" back to your trailing side from where you were at address.  If you can make a centered turn, and clean that up it should help your ball striking. 

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You're able to see the embedded video? 

It says there is an error for me.


Thanks for the advice cipher, staying more centred is something I hope to achieve and something I hope to ingrain fairly quickly.

It is difficult for me after swinging this way for so long.

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No it is not working.  When I saw it first there was a link.  Maybe just re-post the link for people to open it in a new tab.

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I'll have a down the line view asap.

Playing 18 holes tomorrow, I'll try and stay more centred and capture it on video.

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Down the line, hopefully this will make it easier to offer any suggestions with both videos.

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I would work on not taking the club back so open. Here are the best photos I could get from your videos. More right wrist backwards bend(extension) into the top I would say. Nice elbow position at the top. How you are now with the club open requires a lot of timing, could be why you get the hooks from time to time.

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