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Stinger shot

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I think this shot is produced by swinging in a way that the lag is released late causing the low shot to be made.


But this is not by holding with the wrists.... 


I've noticed that when Mcilroy and tiger play this shot, that they seem to release across the ball... and a half follow through occurs


I've been feeling this on the practice range with some good results.... Anyone else play around with this shot? Maybe someone can shed some light on this so we can further understand what is happening.


It feels almost like a slight dip or delay from the top of the swing.


Here is a video which shows what I mean, look how the lag is seemingly released across the ball


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Also see this video



and this


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Rory is just playing the old low ball flight that was persimmon and balata, not really a stinger..

This is a stinger....





...and this one


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For me, I use a 3-wood for this shot. I will put the ball in the middle of my stance, and i then i will concentrate on keeping the hands low and ahead through out the shot, like i am holding the club off, but i don't. Its just a feel, but you do end up looking like Rory in that 2nd video were the finish isn't fluid, its adbruptly slow down. I like it for summer golf, because on very hard fairways you can keep it straight, and you can get so much roll out of the ball. I've actually hit farther tee shots with a low 3-wood than with my normal 3-wood if there is very little rain out. 

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