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My Swing (NewGolfer77)

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Hey guys,


First of all - awesome forum. I'm a new golfer, and this has proved to be a fantastic resource for me.


I've played about 15 rounds total since last May. Just this year I got some coaching with our local, ex-PGA pro. We've obviously worked on my mechanics a great deal, but I'm still trying to find the proper "feel".


I've included a video below displaying my swing. The biggest issue I've had is my left heel lift in the backswing. My coach says this isn't an issue, as long as the heel lift is consistent, but I'd still like to eliminate it.


I feel that I'm also swinging outside in... and my left arm bends at the top of the top swing, and stays bent through the swing.


I should note that I've been hitting the ball relatively straight, but this could definitely be better, and I'd like to add some power.

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If you're hitting the ball straight, I wouldn't worry about the heel lift. That's actually good for power. One thing that I see is how you bend your knees on the backswing. If you could keep them the same flex from setup until the transition into the downswing you should see a significant power increase. If you could actually draw power from your legs as if you're jumping through impact it'll give you more distance. The left arm bend isn't that big of a deal, but if you could release your right arm more at impact - sort of like you're trying to punch the ball if it were your arm instead of club - that will help with power as well.



I would suggest to watch this video of Tiger and notice how he "jumps" through impact and also makes the punching motion with his right arm as he releases. http://youtu.be/FNh6mGTfK-w

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Thanks man! I'll work on these notes.

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my take:


your legs flex too much and actually flex more as the shot progresses

your back swing form is fairly good until the club head gets past that branch. in the space of the first second (0:01) things go good, not so good, bad. Your elbow takes a bend and that bend continues to get worse through the down swing and follow through. It's a good thing that your elbow keeps bending more though because your legs keep dipping you closer to the ground so you would hit the ground instead of the ball if you didn't compensate with your arms somehow.


try to stabilize your base and keep that left arm straighter even if it means abbreviating your back swing. Pull down and through with your left for power use the right as just a guide.


I wasn't even going to write anything on this video at first because I prefer to give just one tip on these things but I gave it a shot. Hope that helps.

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Great man, appreciate the advice.

You guys are awesome!

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