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trying to finish out my bag

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I'm looking to finish out my current golf setup. I currently play

Ping G10 9° driver on graffaloy stiff shaft
Older (80s) 5 wood 20° (left over from my starter set of grandpas leftover clubs)
McGregor 20° hybrid with stiff flex shaft
Bridgestone j33 cb with Bridgestone firm graphite shaft ( only 6-sw)
And a taylormade putter

I'm looking to fill the gap between driver and 6i. I hit the hybrid and 5wood about the same distance but hit the wood better off the fairway and the hybrid better from the rough. I was thinking about getting a 4 wood ~17° and then a new 20° hybrid and possibly a ~24° hybrid to fill the gap. A well hit drive for me will carry around 240-250 yards and a well hit 6i will carry about 175. Just wanting recommendations opinions
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If I am reading your post correctly you have 10 clubs in your bag, so you have room for 4 more.


My first suggestion would be to get a 3 Wood.  The gap between Driver and 5 Wood is 11 degrees.  The 3 Wood at 15 degrees would be right in the middle if that is what you are looking for. 


I will agree with you on getting another hybrid, possibly near the 24/25 degree range.


How far do you hit your 5Wood or 20 degree hybrid?

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You are correct that I'm only carrying 10 clubs at the moment. I hit the 5 wood ~190 and the hybrid about 185. The reason I was thinking about a 4 wood is for a little more backspin and a shorter shaft to help me control it a little better. I'm still a high handicap and my home course is very tight and severely punishes any shots that are not at least close to the fairway. My current 5 wood is way out of date so looking to replace it in some form or another
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Since you have room for more clubs why not get a 3 Wood and 4 Wood?  Since you mentioned your home course requires accuracy, how well do you hit your Driver? My home course is the same as yours and I use my 3 Wood the majority of the time instead of Driver because of how much trouble I can get into if I miss my target.

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I use my driver a lot because the course is very long (3 par 4s over 500 yards) but I tend to get in as much trouble with it as anything. Also I walk the course a lot so not having 14 clubs isn't a big deal. I wouldn't want to tote around a club I never use which is why I took the 3 wood and long irons out of my bag
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I currently use 10 clubs as well. I also almost exclusively walk, but I use a push cart. My reasoning for 10 clubs is to eliminate stupid decisions and to stay within my swing. I like the less is more style of golf. Really 11 clubs would be perfect for me but have not found a gap wedge I could get comfortable with. I guess I really just don't need one. But always looking for one makes my golf store visits fun.
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What is your choice for the longer shots jman? 3-5 woods or hybrids or what?
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If I have more than 220 to go I will either choose my hybrid or just a 6 iron. I use my 3 wood off the tee when it is a short par 4 or if I need to pick a spot on the fairway. I have only 10 clubs to prevent from going for longer shots or trying to get too cute by the greens with a lob wedge. Not sure I really answered your question. Sorry
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To clarify I hit my hybrid right around 190-205 with a good hit and my 6 iron only around 160 ish. So when I said I pull my 6 iron I am laying up.
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I understand and that is pretty much what I am doing. I found that a 6 iron was the strongest iron I could hit consistently and use it 90% of the time instead of the 5 wood or hybrid. In fact the only time I consistently use the long clubs is on par 5s
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I can't speak for others but the less is more works for me. My regular golf partner uses all 14 clubs and uses them poorly in my opinion. Too many choices and tries to use clubs he can't hit at all. 4 iron and lob wedge wreak havoc for him on whatever hole he uses them.
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Since I would primarily be hitting the wood off of the fairway I wonder how much difference there would be between a 3 and 4 wood? Some articles online are claiming some high handicappers are hitting the 4 wood longer off of the deck because of more loft and more control.
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Originally Posted by SCfanatic35 View Post

Since you have room for more clubs why not get a 3 Wood and 4 Wood?  ...


Maybe not a good idea these days. Back when FWs were had persimmon heads, lots of players carried a 3W and 4W, and sometimes also a 5W. Loft difference the clubs was 3* or 4* usually.


Now, normal loft difference between 3W and 4W is 2*. Designers plan for you to carry one or the other. Not much distance separation between the two, especially if the shaft lengths are the same as in RBZ.*  Definitely check out the spec sheets on a model before adding both.


* original RBZ and RBZ Phase 2 both have the 15* 3W, and the 17* 3W.HL. In both model years, the shafts are 43.5". So, the "HL" offers a couple of degrees of loft to help with launch.

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The more I consider it the more I like the idea of a 4 wood @17° and 2 hybrids one @20-21° and one at 24-25°. I think this should give me good yardage gaps and a little more loft will hopefully get a higher trajectory for me. What do y'all think about the ping g10 woods and hybrids? I know you don't have to match woods,hybrids and driver but I think it would be cool
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I played the G15 4 wood for a bit last year. It was a solid club never liked the Ping hybrids. Had an i20 and g15 hybrid and didn't like them. Especially the g15 2 hybrid. It was ugly and a bit dificult to hit consistantly. I can't say about the g10's but give it a try. They have to be reasonbly priced.
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Are there any hybrids or woods well known for how easy they are to hit that are about the same age/ price range as the g10s?
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TM Burners maybe.
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What about Adams? I think they make nice hybrids are their woods pretty good as well? If so what model?
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