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My Swing (GlenGee)

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I've been Playing Golf for:​ Just got back into it about 2 months ago

My current handicap index or average score is: 24.8

My typical ball flight is: Left to right </3

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: My horrible slice


I have never seen my swing before looking at this video and i now see i come across the ball alot, but i dont know how to change it, Also my dad seems to thing that my arms aren't fully extended when i impact the ball. Let me know if you can help :) Any help is appreciated



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Video unavailable?

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Does that work stretch? I've been watching your swing stretch :) You have improved it alot

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Yes, your club path is way left and you need to get it closer to the center line if you want to calm down the slice. Get two Home Depot driveway markers and two Wal Mart pool noodles and do this drill. You may get some odd looks, but you will get better!



Big key for you will be the left knee -- needs to go out toward your left big toe not suck in toward your right big toe. This is no good:




This is what you're looking for.



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Ah yes i see i need to get that knee out, never seen a photo like that against mine, I also was watching a video last night to help stop coming over the ball and it made a lot of sense, I'm going out for a game today so i'll see if that improves, and i'll have to try that pool noodle drill.

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Just went out for a swing in the backyard thinking about the knee and the video i watched last night, This is the swing that came from it.


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Had a game today, Practiced for about 30 mins before trying that new swing, Topped every ball. So i went back to my old swing for my round. Shot 99..

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Change is hard. a1_smile.gif

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Yeah it is, Soon i am going to by the 3baysGSA PRO, This little swing analyzer for androids, that gives out very accurate readings on swing plane and clubs speed and everything, Might even get my coach to swing with it and set to best so i can try replicate his swing. Or get as close as possible.

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