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Opinions on Super Stroke putter grips?

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Thinking about putting one on my putter.. I've felt my friends but he's right handed. I really like the feel of holding it but not sure how I will hit putts with it? Anyone have any opinions on them?
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I have one on my Ping Anser and love it. It's the Super Stroke Fatso. I love it and it certainly feels like it takes the hands out of the stroke.
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Do you feel it effects you ability to hit the line you want at all? Cuz I want to make sure I can keep it on line lol
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I'm currently using the SuperStroke Ultra Slim grip and like it quite a bit.  I tried the Fatso grip, but thought it was too large and negatively impacted feel.


The ultra slim is tacky and comfortable, and I like the way that it promotes quiet hands and softer grip pressure, but maintains good feel of the putter face.

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I have used Superstroke but keep going back to the Tiger Shark Jumbo... It's made by the same company but isn't as rounded. It is shaped more like a traditional putter grip. 


What I have found with all of them is that my putting stroke has become a lot better. As many others will say it seems to take hand movement out of play. I think it really depends on the putter though... some seem to lose feeling others don't. 

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I use them on all my putters and like them.  Helps take my wrists out of my putting stroke. 


I say go for it.  If you don't like it, cut it off and put a regular grip back on!

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I put one on my SC KOMBI about a month ago. I like it better than the original grip.

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I don't think I want a jumbo. Or the ultra slim. If probably go for something in the middle. And I like the more rounded feel so I would probably go with a super stroke over the tiger shark
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ive had the fatso on my taylormade mallet for a few rounds now and although i had a few issues with missing short putts left from turning the club over which was soon sorted by moving my index finger on left hand over my middle and wedding ring finger on right hand instead of index and middle finger the putts are now superb, far better than before and i feel like if i make a putt it does go on the line i put it on every time now ,very pleased i switched also had 5 birdies in last two rounds from 15 feet and more and it will get better and better the more i get used to it :)

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I've tried all of the sizes that SuperStroke offers and I've tried them on various putters.  At first it's a different feel and sometimes I liked it.  Eventually I ended up taking the superstrokes off, with the exception of the ultra slim, which i do like.  Maybe I have too much movements in my wrists when I putt and maybe I like it that way because I have always gone back.  The ultra slim is nice because it's not too fat and still allows me to putt the way I want without the sacrifice of feel. 


Since I have too many putters, I have tried almost every grip out there.  I play Scotty Camerons and my favorite grip is the midsize red baby t grip which is red and has white dancing cameron letters down it.  It's a bit thicker than your regular grip but without the hardcore pistol feel of the Pistolero (which can be a bit too much).  Thus I highly recommend the midsize red baby t cameron grip as it's seems to be just thick enough while still providing excellent feel. 


BTW - I have also tried several $100 Gripmaster grips.  They are okay but over time they lose their softness because they break in and this results in loss of feel in my opinion.

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I put a Mid size 2.0 on my Odyssey #7 Metal X and LOVE it. I don't have large hands (medium size glove), but the 2.0 was just what I was looking for. I've tried the ultra slim 55 and super slim on some of my other putters, and ended up taking them off. In the past, the older model Superstroke had a "slick/slimy" feel to it when it was hot outside, and despite wiping my hands and the grip with a dry towel the feeling never quite went away. The NEW Superstroke has a much improved "tacky" feel to it, and I've had no problems so far. Bonus is the 2.0 grip still fits in the external putter well on my cart bag. Highly recommend the Mid Size 2.0. 

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