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New from Dallas

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I've been reading the forums on this site for the past several weeks. As a beginning golfer, the information has been invaluable. IMO with my limited knowledge of golf, this seems to be the best site out there for a beginner like myself. Me and my wife just took our first lesson last Friday and went to the range this week to practice. Before Friday, neither of us have had any experience with golf, other than perhaps visiting the range a few times as a kid. We really look forward to getting into the swing of things so to speak. It's something that we can enjoy as a hobby together, get outdoors, and eventually, play with friends and family. A little about ourselves We are around 30 years old, give or take a year for each of us. We both played sports as kids, and I played through college. We are looking forward to our new hobby, and our goal is to take a lesson a week (1 hour shared with by both of us), then spend 1 or 2 days at the driving range each week to work on what we learned. Right before we started, we picked out beginner club sets for each of us. They were both very reasonably priced, and after reading on forums, both seemed to be a good place for us to start. I am 6'6", so I got all my clubs extended by 1.5". The golf stores said I probably needed 2", but they recommended I not extend past 1.5". We both stay pretty fit. On days we are not practicing golf, we will likely be at the gym. We are close to Riverchase, so that's where we plan to take our lessons now and practice at the range. The staff has been nice to us, and the patrons seem friendly. Anyways, I have enjoyed this site, and thought it was time I registered.
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by the way, any suggestions on how to create spaces between paragraphs? I tried to add spaces to make it easier to read, but my post if just coming up as one large paragraph! Thanks!
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(Hitting enter at the end of the sentence and then once more should give you a break to the next paragraph.)

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I bought a beginner set too and I think it was a good decision. I just played in my first scramble at Tierra Verde in Arlington. It was a very nice course in my opinion, I've only played a few courses though so I'm not the best judge. It was free for me so that made it even better, I love my job. Good luck and welcome.

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Welcome from Sugar Land.

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Welcome to the site. I'm also a beginner and my fiance is also starting to get into golf, so you and I are kind of doing the same route. It really is a great chance to spend more time with the missus. On the beginner sets, I bought one as well, and it's worked well for me but now that I've played close to 15 rounds, I'm thinking of slowly upgrading my clubs and balls.
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Thanks for the welcomes. Tide - it has been fun for us so far. Tak8ng lessons and going to the range, actually sharing a hobby, and so forth has been nice. Another thing for us to talk about.

Are still a ways away from our first round.hopefully in a month or two we will be ready.
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You're ready now. As long as you two are having fun, that's all that matters.
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Ha, youre probably right. Just want to make sure we dont hold everyone up. I have a wicked slice, which might be fixed. We were working on more fundamentals with our coach. Have been practicing our swings without golf balls, so will test it out in the next day or so.
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