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Adams Tight Lies 1208 irons.... in a +1 length

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So today I headed off to get myself a new set of irons....  I originally had my sights set on some Rocketballz or Cobra Amps or Cells, also looked at some Ping's and basically everything...   


Well about half way through my time at the golf store ( maple hills golf course )  I ask the guy helping me ( Brandon ) about this set of Adams irons that are a +1, and how much of a difference 1 inch makes.. and i kind of chuckled a bit after saying that and he i think thought the same thing, and just kind of paused for a bit... and was like it's a world of difference...


So I grabbed one of the 8irons of this +1 demo set and a few other 8irons to compare...


Well after hitting the other 8irons on the simulator , i said do you have anything to help my fade lol...  and he's like let me look at your swing, and instantly realized i wasnt turning my wrists over....  Problem #1 solved lol..


So i finally get to this +1 8iron, and i immediately notice my first couple of hits are alot better..  not hitting thin or anything....   i go back to another 8 iron, and start hitting it thin.. and even tried all the other 8 irons and the same thing...   I go back to the +1 and bam i am hitting the ball good again....And I mean i'm hitting my 8 iron consistently 125 to 130 yards and in a good grouping..  Which i was normally hitting my 8 iron about 110 and all over the place..  


now here is the kicker, while he is down looking for a brandnew set of irons , i talk to someone else who worked at said place and told him about the +1 and said well just because you hit them good doesnt mean its a good fit for you.. And you should stick with these other irons..  And my response was, i tried all of these 8irons and had the same results..  But when i'd go back to the +1, i was right back to hitting the ball good..  


Ends up they didnt have a brandnew set, and the demo set was missing a 5iron i think lol... but he did have a brandnew set at another store.. And after debating about having them sent to me, without testing them,, and trying other iron sets to see if it was just me, i did buy them..  


The crazy part is i was all ready to drop 500 to 700$ on a good set of irons... i ended up spending less than 200$ and walking out more than happy...     


I also would of never known that i would of needed a +1 length in shaft either without trying these, expecially since i am only 6ft tall...  

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It could be that with the balance of the club moving downwards with the longer shaft length (you feel more of the weight of the club head), a hammer effect set in, which you like, and gave you additional stability.


You might also try 6-8g of lead tape around the a perimeter of standard length club (or along the bottom of the cavity) and see if it has a similar effect.

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I just bought the exact same 1208 Adams set 4 through GW last week in uniflex steel and I am glad I did. I love the classic simple cavity back design with the nice thick sole. My ball just seems to explode off tthe club face upon impact with amazing feel and I cant say enough about the distance and accuracy. Paid 299.00 on ebay but these sticks originally retailed for 499.00. Great irons

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As much as i liked the Adams.... lol no joke less than a week later i bought a new set of irons.... 


i really do like the Titleist 735's that i have now... i find that I can hit them just as good as the Adams...  


I think before the end of the month I'm going to do a comparison of the two iron sets on how they hit....  


JMO, i really do like the thinner look of the Titleists 

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Sure, nothing wrong with the titleist model but for what they are in it's simplistic form the Adams 1208's really are a steal. I still have my old Ping G5's in the bag but keep finding myself reaching for the Adams bag before a round due to the performance I've had with them. (the pings kind of lost their pop after 12 years of constant play..lol

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LOL I've heard many golf jokes but never about Adams golf equipment. And since they merged with Taylor Made they now have the resources to made even better products at a cheaper price(they still operate as a single entity). Speaking of the Cobra amps, do yourself a favor a don't buy them. I demod a 5 iron at Dicks and let me tell you that is the worst wrench I've hit in years. Heck I've got an old dinged up set of oversized top flights that had more pop. Cobra makes a good driver and that's about it..they've never been known for good irons. Go to 5star golf on ebay and talk to Derek....I've been dealing with him for many years and you can get authentic brand clubs for a cheap price. 

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It's usually your stance. It doesn't matter how tall you are even though they measure from your wrist down. Look at Fred Couples...he stands straight upright when he swings or a guy like Henrick Stenson that really bends his knees at address. I know a guy that is 6-4" and plays with a -1" in shaft length due to his stance. I've always liked standard length and lie so I get the black dot pings(which are what my G5 are).

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