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Putting Drills

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Hello Everyone,


I am looking for some suggestions on drills I can use to practice my putting??


At the minute I am practicing putting around the house on the carpet using a CD to aim at as a pretend hole. I am also practing hitting putts from different lengths on the putting green at my local golf centre.


I am just after any ideas of what better players do in practice time to improve there putting.




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I like to spend a lot of time on the practice green.  Generally, I put 4 or 5 balls in a circle around the hole at 3 feet and try to knock in as many as I can without missing.  I pick some number as the minimum that I need to sink before moving on, or sometimes I'll decide I want to make 25 putts total.  Then I back up to 5 feet and then longer until I get bored.  


But recently, I've decided to commit to spending half my putting green time practicing reading the green.  So I'll put balls further out--anywhere from 5 to 50 feet, and go through my entire reading routine.  

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If you want to practice your distances you can put up sticks on the practice green and try putting to about a foot behind the first stick (maybe 10 feet) and then after you hit about 20 times doing that try moving the stick to 15 feet and repeat.  Etc

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Also, Sports Authority carries a practice putting mat for about $45 with a little slope at the end which is supposed to train you to hit it a little past the hole and also allow it to roll back to you.  I have one at my house and I try to use it the night before I go out to play.  Sometimes I'll practice it with my roommates or when we have people over and we are drinking. It's actually pretty fun and I have noticed an improvement on keeping the correct line

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Cool. I don't really struggle with length too much more with hitting right lines

Like the sound of practice mat.
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