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left hand grip issue (left handed swing) starting the switch hitting

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Today i started the process of becoming a switch hitter at golf, i was a switch hitter in baseball and the goal is to swing all my long clubs left handed and short clubs right handed, ill putt with both once i get a two sided putter again.


Anyway, Im still having pains in my left shoulder so i cannot do a full back swing right handed and ive had to modify my left hand follow through as to not absorb anything in my left shoulder and it works - no pain. Im basically starting my rehab after nearly two weeks of ice and ibprofens.


So, Im out back doing light swings in the reflection of our sliding door and i notice my left hand grip is grabbing the club at the top like a baseball swing. I start with a neutral grip but at the top for whatever reason my thumb slides to grab the club like a bat. I am using my right handed clubs while doing these swings, are the weight of the club being backwards causing this? Ill have a couple of left handed irons someones going to let me borrow to practice with probably Friday. The only way to combat this is to actually grip tighter but i don't want to grip too tight.


Since i grew up playing golf with only right handed clubs around and ive only swung left handed clubs a minimal amount of times over the years, im getting pretty pumped up about it. I've noticed better weight transfer left handed, my hips are naturally clearing out - belt to target without focusing on doing that task. In baseball i did have more power left handed but i had more consistent power right handed via line drives, but when i hit home runs, my left handed shots were the bombs as opposed to right handed line drives on ropes. considering my left hand swing was always smoother and not as hard, i was always perplexed by this - must be the hips.


I did notice good swing speed too, considering i wasn't really swinging hard at all, just weight transfer and hips - hopefully this will translate to the range/course when I'm ready. I seem to have a naturally straight right arm in the back swing left handed, i do have to focus on the angle though, since I'm new to it. right handed i had a more natural bend at my elbow.


Any advice on what i should be working on while i build a left handed swing free from years of bad habits? I cant hit anything yet, maybe another two-three weeks after i start rubber band resistance on my left shoulder ill start hitting plastic balls at the park. I'm focusing on knee bend, proper bending from the hips, not over rotating my shoulders, weight transfer and that my lead hand is pointing straight. like i said my hips are open and my belt is pointing forward, my left foot is toe down, heal up and my lower body/hips noticeably start the down swing ( my rh swing seems like the bottom starts it but my upper body is so quick behind the start i dont notice as easy)



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also, ill eventually try to get some vids up once i can swing right handed pain free again for analysis of swings from both sides of the ball. it maybe a month or two. cheers

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