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Question for any pro shop pros

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What is the mark up for Vokey wedges? Does the pro shop make any cash on these or is it just minimal return. I tried talking to two of the pros in this area about ordering clubs and neither returned with any info on the pricing. Although it is not uncommon for that to occur around here, it still seems like they would want to make some money.

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There is a mark up average is 35% give or take. Even on ping we get our pro price. Then blue orange price scale and mark down scale. Ping is by far hardest to discount. Feel free to email or pm me if I can help.
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And I work in a shop incase you were wondering how I know lol
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well considering, my home course has a bunch of Vokey's marked down to 79.99$.....i'd say the mark up is pretty good....

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That or they are protesting for the new models. But at 79$ I would snag some are you government employees maybe a additional discount
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i doubt they are protesting them lol.... I think they do this at the end of every season...   but yea i snagged a 56-11....   


bad part was it was no joke two days after i bought two Vokeys at a Golf Galaxy... and they were not 79$ lol.....   basically the story is. i happened to stop in to GG just to get a brush for my irons, and I asked one of the guys why they dont make a low bounce 56 wedge...  and he's like yea, idk they are kind of rare, since most of them are 11bounce to 14 bounce....  and then he pauses and says oh yea we have 1 right here... its the last one we have...  a 56-8 Vokey.....


And then I see a 60-4 vokey, and pick them both up and turn a 6$ buy into a 270$ buy.... and i was seriously about 2 seconds from just heading to the counter and leaving, since it was about 5mins from closing time too.....   if i would of waited, i could of picked up all three wedges for less than what the two wedges cost.....

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Yah didn't mean protest my phone auto corrected whatever I was trying to say. I think it was preparing or something that I was trying to say. But you picked them up for how much?
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the one i picked up was 85$ or w/e it comes out to with tax....   


i might pick up another one this week...  maybe a 54 degree or 58 degree....  

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I would
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For $79, I'll take 10 of them.  Don't care what loft or anything as long as they're new.

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