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Galvin green review!

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Well, the weather is shit now here in the uk, and will be for at least 4 months! So My lovely wife treated me to a new "Alex" waterproof jacket by Galvin Green..... WOW! Best early Christmas present ever! Had to do a review!
This jacket is the ultimate golfers jacket, there is nothing they haven't thought of.
For starters, it's made from Gore-tex performance shell, 100% waterproof guaranteed for LIFE! Run this bad boy under the tap and water just beads and kind of bounces of leaving it totally touch dry! Yet it's so light and apparently breathable so it doesn't make you sweat!
It has stretch gore-tex strategically placed above and below shoulders and elbows so not to restrict swing,
It has extra tough gore-tex on shoulders to withstand abrasion from carry bags.
The cut is so fitted with no loose or baggy excess material anywhere it's the most comfortable item of clothing I own and just seems to swing with you!!, plus it's adjustable, with drawstring or Velcro catches at bottom, wrists, and chest.
It has plenty of roomy pockets, one at the bottom rear, one on the front chest, and 2 on inside chest, again strategically placed so no contents can interfere with your swing! They've even developed "rain channels" at the cuffs, they're cut a certain way so a section can fold back stopping rain from running down your hands and club when taking a shot!
It really works! In fact the whole jacket really works! its genius! At £250 it's a bit pricey! But it IS guaranteed for life! So in theory, as long as I don't tear it, (or get fat) I don't want or need another one!
There are other styles, all called men's names, mines the "Alex" like I said, it's just black and bits of white but they do lots of vibrant colours too if your a bit extrovert!
I'll stick some photos on! And for my American friends here, your in luck! They have never been available to the USA market, only Europe, but that's about to change in 2014! They're coming your way!
Oh, and just incase your wondering, I do not work or am associated with this company in anyway, but I wish I was!!!
Photos to follow!
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How do you feel the fit and sizing was compared to other clothing??


I have been looking at the GG stuff but I am quite a large person and a little worried about it being too snug.


My local pro shop does not stock my size and as its quite large (52" Chest / 42" Waist) I don't think they will get a set in without a purchase, as it is going to cost around £400 for the pair I don't really want to take the risk of it not fitting as I have read on internet the sizes are smaller than normal so a XXXL is actually a XXL, not sure how true that is though. 

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The sizing is accurate to their size chart!
But I've heard their customer service is first class, so if you're worried, drop them an email or phone direct and see if they'll offer a
returns/alternative fit assurance for you, I believe they're very accommodating!
I've gone and bought their waterproof hat now as well! Amazing! I don't need a brolly blowing around in the wind anymore, gave them a test run in the pissing rain last week, the rain just bounces off you! Superb gear!
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They are sending over some pants for me to try on at my local club shop :D

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I'm so tempted for the "alf" waterproof pants to complete my set! But I only bought some new pants at the start of the year so shouldn't really! I tried a few pairs on in shop just to size them up and they pop up on eBay all the time!
So if the price is right I probably will.
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