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Kind of clubs?

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We were getting ready to sell my grandparents's house. I was cleaning out the basement, where I found several (100+) golf clubs. Among them were these clubs. I I don't know much about golf and can't find anything about them on the internet. Does anyone know anything about these clubs (make, model, value, etc.)?




This one has a O on the red side and looks like this:



Next, I have the 2 and two 5's that look like this:


This one looks just like the 2, and 5's from the side, but on the bottom, it has an A:


The last one is a little different

I don't know if it makes a difference, but all of the grips/shafts look like this:


Does anyone know anything about these? (make, model, value, etc.)



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my guess they were made by a club fitter putting the componets together. we had one do club repair and such at my club when I was a kid.. as far as value I am guessing not much. those heads are laminated if they were persimon they might be worth a bit more.

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