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super stroke grip

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can you get a super stroke grip off without cutting it?? regular grips are easy, but jumbo grips are hard. i can't even get my grip remover under it to squirt some mineral spirits. i wanted to save it.
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I had a Winn Jumbo Pistol on my old Ping putter I wanted to remove. What I did was:

- Bent a wire coat hanger in half and slid it in a little, then squirted mineral spirits in and let them soak into the grip tape.
- Pushed the hangar in more and repeated until it was down 2/3 of the way.
- Squirted more mineral spirits in, left it a minute or so and twisted the coat hanger back and forth which basically tore the grip tape off in wet chunks.
- Twisted the hanger round a little and kept repeating the above until it finally loosened enough that brute force twisting removed it from the shaft.

Took about an hour in total I reckon.

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If you have a compressor, and depending on which superstroke you are using, maybe try a quick blast of air in the end.  May provide enough separation to get mineral spirits in and allow the grip to slide off.


I use the superstroke slim and installed the grip using air, so they do expand a little.

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the grip is the big one. 3.0 i think. i'll try the mineral spirits and the coat hanger. I have a long grip remover, but it's too thick. the air doesn't seem to work with putters because it just escapes thru the putter head. you can't build up any pressure. i tried it. regular irons work good.
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Have never had air escape from the putter head, what brand do you have? I swap out all my Super Strokes (3, Flatso, Jumbo) a few times a year on several different putters. Just use one wrap of masking tape and air it on and off easily.

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air didn't work at all. these are on good. they are odyssey putters. i tried 3 of them. couldn't build any pressure at all

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Seems OK to use as little tape as possible with the putter grip. One strip of tape for a 5i might not work so well.

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is there a special air adapter to use? what I have doesn't work at all on putters.mine doesn't seem to get any air under the grip.

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