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which clubs should i use with RA

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I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in pretty much all of my joints.  I am 42 years old and male.  I am wanting to learn how to play golf and I am looking for recommendations in which clubs I should get as a beginner and the material they should be made out of.  Also how thick the grips should be so my hands won't hurt.  I am looking at preowned so I can see if I can even complete a round with my RA.  I like watching golf and now I want to see if I can play it.  Thank-you for your help.

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Bro, I don't know about clubs, but search "boron arthritis cure" online. I've been doing the treatments for three weeks and my long term shoulder and foot problems have virtually disappeared. Good luck. 

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Carbon fiber shafts will deaden vibration from impact, which should help.  If you are relatively strong and fit, stiff shafts would most likely be what you would need at 42.  Carbon fiber shafts tend to be softer than there corresponding metal shaft, in general.


Most grip companies also make soft grips for folks with arthritis as well.  Check out the websites for grips.


http://www.golfpride.com -  Tour wrap grip

http://www.winngrips.com -  DriTac

http://www.puregrips.com - Pure Classic


Club head - Game improvement or super game improvement clubs are designed to hit better on off center hits.  This translates to less vibration at impact on some clubs, which may help you as well.


Hope this helps.  You can do a little research and hit some clubs at a golf store.  Some stores, like Golfsmith, have used clubs.  Also, you can check e-bay for used clubs of the kind you like.  After Christmas is usually great for shopping on e-bay or stores because people get new clubs and want to sell there old ones.

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thank-you all

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