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Rifle FCM 6.0 Shaft Alternative

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I was thinking about upgrading my iron shaft. Currently gaming Rifle FCM 6.0 and love its control and accuracy. I'm looking for newer shaft with similar characteristics, but:

- A little bit more stiff
- Same weight or lighter
- More penetrating ball flight

Any comments/suggestions are welcomed.
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The raw Rifle FCM 6.0 (circa 1909) weighed 127 grams.


You might try..

  • Project X Rifle 6.0, which has FCM of 6.5 and weighs 120 grams. Shaft profile: "Produces slightly higher launch angle and penetrating flight pattern."
  • Dynamic Golf X100 has FCM of 6.5, and weighs 130 grams. Shaft profile: has low launch and firm tip characteristic of DG line.


And, you could always hardstep your current irons: pull out your Rifle FCM 6.0 shafts, and reinsert them: Put 4i-tipped shaft into the 3i, 5i-tipped shaft into the 4i, etc. This would shorten the flexible end of the shaft  - which would stiffen each club about a third of a flex (FCM 6.0 to 6.3).


You would then lengthen each reinserted shaft 1/2" to keep the original shaft length in the set. (And, you would regrip also).


The stiffer shaft also would lower ball flight slightly.


Talk to an experienced clubsmith about hardstepping.

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Thanks for your prompt reply. What about KBS and NS? Is there any similar product from them?
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More basic info: As stated before, the raw Rifle FCM 6.0 (circa 1909) weighed 127 grams. And it had a mid-high bend point (which promotes slightly lower than average launch angle), and a firm tip.


For Nippon shafts, you face a variety of models with names which all sound like complex chemical molecules. Overall, the NS family shafts play a little soft to flex; one problem is that the NS models don't appear in the FCM comparison tables, so I don't have any FCM figures for NS. Models you might check out:

  • NS Modus3 Tour 120: X Flex, 120 gram, mid-high bendpoint, stiff tip.
  • NS Pro 1150GH Tour: S Flex, 116 grams, mid bend, medium tip.


You would need some launch monitor time to see how they worked for you; they might be too soft. The 1150 would need a hard step for your to consider it.... even then it's iffy.


For KBS shafts, several possibilities, but you'd have to check out on the launch monitor. For one thing, the KBS Stiff is about the same FCM as Rifle Stiff. With KBS models, you'll find weight variations between the same flex, depending on whether it's parallel or taper tip.


In your case, check out the KBS Tour C-Taper, Tour Custom White, and Tour in S and X flex. Check out the spec sheets, the data points vary a lot.


One challenge: by wanting stiffer and lighter, you're trying to go north and south at the same time. To get both, you may need some hardstepping.


In the future, let us know if the MP33 iron model is tape or parallel tip - tip style can mean different weights within a shaft model. I couldn't find any data on MP33.

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Many thanks for your lavish answers, WUTiger.


One more question, what shaft would you recommend for my 48-54-60 wedge? Just go with the same shaft? Or more stiff?

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I've found that the TRAction Wedge Flex (Cleveland CG12 to CG16) and DG Wedge Flex (Callaways) work pretty well for me. I haven't been as "scientific" in selecting wedge shafts as iron shafts.


This excellent article by Tom Wishon gives the technology behind the "wedge flex" phenomenon, and two shafts he developed.


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For whatever reason I do not play the Cleveland wedges well. I do always feel comfortable when I have dg spinner added to a sand wedge or lob. Never had a Cleveland wedge head on a dg spinner.
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