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Driving irons, Mini drivers, and such

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I've been seeing a lot of alternatives to drivers lately.

What are they all for and what are the best use for these new types of clubs?

The driving iron is of particular interest to me, but one of the pros told me it was a "one show pony", that it would not really find any use in my bag except to replace the driver on occasion.

TM also released a new mini driver with a 260cc head. I thought this used to be called a 2 wood in the past. What is it used for?

It seems like the SLDR comes in many varieties as well. I am thinking of getting a loft up one at 12 degrees or more. What is the best thing to get for a particular swing and swing speed?

What are these clubs all used for, and why do we need so many of them?

Are there more of them? It's so confusing. . .b3_huh.gif

Please post!
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It's all about the money :) Seriously though I guess it has to do with preference. I know a lot of people who fear the driver but can hit their 3 wood a long ways. This mini driver thing can also cater to those who got used to a smaller club head driver but with new technology of course. As for the driving iron, I don't really have an opinion.

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I have a Ping driving iron (2) that I really only use for low flight tee shots during windy conditions or to replace my hybrid on certain long par 3's. It is considered my 15th club so it's not in the bag usually unless I know it's going to be windy. Be careful getting one, you have to make sure you're comfortable hitting it since they're not the most forgiving option.

I spent 3 days at the range only hitting my 2 iron, first day didn't look that great but once I was able to successfully hit the lower straight shots I kept going at it. We get a lot of wind where I am typically in the spring and early fall so I can utilize it more often than not.

As far as the mini drivers I can't speak to them since I don't use them. Keeping it simple seems to be the key I believe, even for me to venture out and get a 2 iron is quite unorthodox but I've developed my game to the point recently where I can afford to tinker around a little bit here and there.
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You probably won't use it much. I have a Callaway utility prototype 18 degree that sits home. Once I got my hybrids I can't see why I'd have the 18 degree iron. Its not very forgiving and is only useful off the tee(for me at least).
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