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Club face

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Ok boys and girls. I only slice with my driver and sometimes my 3 wood. If I hit my 3 wood from the deck it's perfectly straight and long. Iv played two rounds this year and I have about a 5 yard draw with my pw-7 and hit my 6-4 straight.
I know it must be cause of me opening the club face but just wondering if their are any tips for getting the club face back at impact for just the driver? Thanks!
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Maintaining your grip through your swing. Having the two V's point to your left right shoulder if you're a righty and so on. Also I find keeping the club face square on my takeaway helps tonnes.
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I used to have the same ball flights as you. Take your club back more inside keeping your right elbow from flaring. Pause at the top swing and swing thru the ball. Keep the head still and don't overswing. I would bet that's your biggest problem. I concentrate on the back of the ball and swing at a target down the fairway.

Get your clubhead speed by releasing your wrists not by swinging your arms harder. Maintaining that momentary pause and swinging firm, not out of control, will give you accuracy and distance.

You won't master consitent ball striking until you master the "L" to "L" lag and wrist release. There's a video on another thread of Dan Pohl with incrediable lag. My guess is you don't do that. :) Good Luck.

PS, I bet your long irons and driver are pretty far forward too. That was me, so I'm thinking it may be you too.
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